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Hi People

Looking for your advice here please. Im going to get some blood tests done. Firstly, I wanted to ask if I go for the home testing kit how many drops of blood roughly do they require? Im just trying to choose whether do choose home kit or go the hospital.Scared I may not be able to draw enough blood if I do it at home.

Secondly ,should I get reverse T3 tested also? Im on T4 at the moment and am planning to self medicate with T3.

Thanks v much.

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  • Just one point... If you get a Reverse T3 test from Blue Horizon it can't be done with finger prick testing. It has to be done with a full blood sample from the elbow, so you will need someone to take blood for you.

  • Hi HumanBean

    Thanks for pointing that out!☺

  • Genova is also cheaper than Blue Horizon

  • Thanks Jefner for pointing that out!☺

  • Sorry, Jefner, but your comment is a bit vague. Are you referring to the cost specifically of the reverse T3 test or just generally? Both BH and Genova do lots of different tests and packages of tests and in some cases BH is cheaper than Genova, and in other cases Genova is cheaper than BH.

  • If you do a reverse T3 test and it turns out to be well within the reference range, will that alter your plans to go on T3 only?

    If your plans won't change whatever the result, then the test itself is not going to benefit you, other than as a way to satisfy your curiosity.

    There's nothing wrong with curiosity. :) But if you urgently need to save money, then the reverse T3 test is non-essential.

  • Spot on HumanBean! No test will change my mind as I know what my body is saying. I am def gonna take the T3 even if my blood results are immaculate.☺

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