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How to get bloods done at surgery for sending to Blue Horizon?

Hi everyone,

I have been battling for 3 years now to prove that I have hypothyroidism, with virtually every symptom in the book!

I finally bit the bullet this week and paid online for a private blood test kit with Blue Horizon just so that I can get the T3 and all other thyroid tests done. Path lab through my doctors just will not do the T3 or reverse T3 however many times my gp seems off the blood!

But, now that I have the kit and prepaid envelope, my surgery are not sure how to go about letting a nurse take the bloods for me!

I am expecting to have to pay for the service but could someone please tell me how they have gone about organising it?

I opted for the full blood draw rather than the finger prick to ensure a reliable result.

Thanks in advance


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Why can't you just make appt with the nurse and give him/her the test kit? Alternatively use a private phlebotomist to keep the NHS out of the loop.


I think its down to insurance reasons, I'm still waiting for the surgery to get back to me.

Have people here had blood taken by an NHS nurse or done it privately please?


I wonder why the surgery is 'not sure about how to go about letting the nurse take blood' - surely the nurse sticks the needle in and draws the blood out LOL!

Which test are you having? The one including rT3? I'm just wondering if there's something special they need to do with the blood regarding that test and the surgery is not equipped to do it for some reason?? If so, can you get to a Spire or BUPA hospital and get them to do the blood draw, I'm sure there would be no problems there.

I had my BH test done through a Spire hospital and the blood draw was included in the price.

Maybe contact BH for some guidance.


Yes I'm having the 'Thyroid plus 12' test to include T3 and rT3 and everything I need all in one to try to get the answers I'm looking for.

I just assumed like you, that I'd go straight in and get nurse to do it in surgery.

They haven't looked at the kit so are unaware of the exact contents of the envelope. I'm sure it's just a normal test tube so should be very straightforward! And prepaid so just send straight off to Blue Horizon!


This might help

It's about a stand alone rT3 test offered by BH but does say that the blood needs to be spun and frozen once taken. Maybe the Thyroid plus Twelve has a separate vacutainer for the rT3 part of the test and that one needs this done, I imagine your surgery doesn't have the facility to do that and it needs the blood draw at a hospital.

Does your kit contain more than one vacutainer and what do the instructions say?

I'd contact BH to be sure if it's not clear in the instruction leaflet.


I wonder what they aren't sure about. When I wanted a private blood test I spoke to the Practice Manager who booked me in to see the nurse and just charged me £10.

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Hi rosetrees,

Thank you, I'll go and ask to speak to my practice manager on Monday, that's really helpful.

The kit seems really straightforward now I've looked at the instructions, just post with Royal Mail Mon to Thurs, one test tube, one needle, label preprinted, seems like it should be very simple.


Have you got an NHS hospital near you where you can have the bloods drawn? They didn't charge me, but I believe in some hospitals, they do make a small charge.

Don't forget to have the blood test as early in the day as possible, 8 - 8.30ish would be best or earlier if they are open before then.

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Thank you Muffy, I will look into that too. That's very helpful advice.


I've used my local NHS hospital for getting blood drawn. The first time it happened it was about £7 - £8. The last time I was getting blood drawn there (for the NHS not private) I saw a sign up saying that they now charged £18 for private blood draws.

I've seen wildly different prices being paid by people, there is no consistency. Phone up the phlebotomy department and ask before you go, just so you don't get a shock. Make sure you take all the instructions and postage and packing with you so you can pack up the tubes and take them to the post office immediately.

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