Blue horizon postal TFT kits


I'm thinking of using blue horizon's postal kits for a TFT test.

It says you have to provide a blod sample or have blood drawn by Phlebotomist, Nurse or Doctor then you send it back to them.

I imagine someone here will have used blue horizon before so hopefully I can get some info.

Does this mean I can just take it to any NHS hospital and they will take my blood using the kit or do I have to pay somewhere private to take my blood using the kit?


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  • I did the finger prick test to avoid having to fund the phlebotomist. MaryF

  • Thanks for the swift reply.

  • Fingerprick test works fine...but you can get hospital or doctor to draw blood, some charge, some don't.....would recommend trying the fingerprick test first x

  • Thanks,

    So with the finger prick kit, you just simply prick your finger using a device in the kit and then post it back to them?

  • Yes just do it in the morning, so it goes in the morning post, it has clear instructions with it... MaryF

  • Ahh I'm looking at doing a test too so am interested in the replies ☺️

  • If I'm looking at the right test, the finger prick kits are the exact same price as the equivalent blood sample kits so imo its a no brainer to go with the finger prick kit.

  • Finger prick tests are great. I've used them loads of times - I like their Thyroid10 test. You get a complete kit with very detailed instructions, lancet, tiny test tube to drip the blood into. I always do mine at the beginning of the week though to make sure there is no chance of it lying in the post over the weekend.

  • Hi Jamie. I've just done test. Your preference, but such a small amount of

    blood, it's easy to draw yourself. Lab says about 15 drops from finger.

    Full instructions & all you need in kit. BH very helpful if have any query.

    Just sterilise, prick finger & fill small tube. They supply a tiny funnel, but

    you can drop straight into tube. My NHS Surgery would not help in anyway

    with private bloods, but yours may be more helpful.

  • That sounds simple enough, do you know if you have to be in England to use them?

    I'm thinking finger prick test makes send and easier than trying to get blood drawn ☺️

  • I believe OK in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well!

    If you are anywhere else, I suggest you contact Blue Horizon directly.

    Paul of BH is a member here:

  • Ahh brill thank Helvella, have sent him a message ☺️

  • No, I'm sorry I don't know if you have to be in England, but you could call BH

    & ask - link to their number on this Forum. Yep, it is easy to do yourself.

    My best.

  • Thanks to all who replied, it's really appreciated.

    I think I will go with the finger pick kit, less hassle than trying to get blood drawn at my doctors or local hospital.

  • I have used the finger prick test, very straight forward. When I had a test for actual blood to be taken I got permission from my GP for one of the nurses at my surgery to draw it.

  • Hi For venous blood your GP may do it otherwise difficult without paying. However, they do a good finger prick test with a small phial of blood ,all DIY.


  • I was too much of a wuss to even attempt the finger prick test. It costs more (quite a lot more), but I had my (Blue Horizon) tests done at a Nuffield hospital.

    I also had some blood tests done recently via my private nutritionist, and had to source a phlebotomist to do it. My local NHS hospital said no, a local private hospital said they would charge around £30 but, surprisingly, my GP's surgery did it for free.

  • I think they have reduced the price then because the finger prick tests are the same price as the tests that need blood drawn. I've just ordered the thyroid + 10 test for 89 with a 10 quid discount.

  • Have any of you that used private testing had any success with getting your gp or the endo you were under to act on your private results?

    It would be disgusting if they still refuse to prescribe what you need or at least repeat the test themselves first then treat accordingly.

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