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Vitamin D3 and D2 test result - I haven't got a clue but nor did the GP's receptionist

Hello again. My vitamin D tests are finally in at the doctors and all I could get from the receptionist over the phone were the following levels - initially she claimed that there was nothing written behind the numbers i.e. unit or range, but after another phone call she has given nmol/l as the unit. I am bed- house-bound and light sensitive so have little hope from natural sources. The Gp gave Adcal prescription but I don't favour the sucrose or soya oil additives. Using D3 1000 IU by prothera.

25 hydroxy Vit D3 98.8 nmol/l

25 hydroxy Vit D2 less than 5

My carer will pick up the actual print out in a few days to aid clarity but are these good for levels for supplementing and Hashis?

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It's the D3 you need to take notice of. 98.8 is nigh on perfect in the replete range 75-200nmol/L. As you don't get out I would continue supplementing 1,000iu daily to maintain your level.


Those results are fine/good. Adcal is pretty much rubbish. You probably get quite enough calcium already unless you eat only meat and no green veg, nuts, seeds or dairy or fish (bones). It's a good idea to take K2 with your D3 to make sure that the better-absorbed calcium goes into your bones and teeth.


Thanks for your advice. I can't eat diary and am trying the autoimmune version of paleo as my problems are so longstanding so no nuts, or seeds at present but hoping to be ok to reintroduce them. I use Dr Mercola's starter for my fermented veg that includes a fair amount of vit K but will check my levels. So much to learn and keep an eye on. Thanks.

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