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Help on VIT D test Please

Total Vitamin D :


39.9 nmol/L


Interpretive Guide:

(25-hydroxyvitamin D3 : 31.4 nmol/L, 25-hydroxyvitamin D2 : 8.5 nmol/L)

15 - 30 = insufficiency

30.1 - 50 = deficiency

Less than 15 = severe deficency

Should I read this as : . . .

D3 insufficient

D2 severe deficiency

OR: . . .

Total vit D deficiency


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Total D.

At 39.9, you are just in the lower half of the "deficient" range 30.1 to 50.



Thanks Rod,

I am supplimenting with D3 at the moment, 1000ug , should I be supplimenting both D2 and D3 and or just upping my dose of D3 ? (not sure if D2 is a redundent vitamin)

many thanks


Just D3.

(I *hope* you are taking 1000 International Units not micrograms! One microgram is equivalent to 40 IU.)


I just checked:

each 0.14ml contains 1000IU / 25ug

500% of your EU rec dose


Its my Dyscalculia, I even think I got my insufficiency and deficiency figures around the wrong way. :-(


I read right past that - even though I quoted it! You are right - you are insufficient rather than deficient.

Some labs regard 75 as the lowest acceptable level. So you

have a way to go yet!

I think I would up the dose.

We are all different, but I think I need to take somewhere above 4000 IU.


OK, Thanks Rod :-)

Wishing you well, Have a good easter.


thought you did!

Here's where I got tested (NHS lab) & explains levels.

39 would be insufficient. Someone said you should supplement 1000iu for every 10 under 80nmol/L until you reach 80 then a smaller maintenance dose, however some think 100 or even 125 is where to aim for optimal.

However you should also ask for a Calcium test (vit D affects this) and magnesium & K2 are part of the jigsaw too.

(I take 3-4000iu drops and feel better, but that suits me and not everyone) Roll on sunshine! Jane :D


Hi Vit D ( hormonal) very important but before and during treatment make sure you have the corrected calcium tested. D can make the calcium go up, that above all must always be in range as an electrolyte. I have had to stop taking any vit D, although my Vit D is a long way below range.As Spareribs says, blood tests are not everything but vital for electrolytes, calcium , Potassium , sodium and magnesium, to always be in range.

If you are able to take Vit D ,it makes a huge difference to how you are, usually.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie,

Sorry for the late response, My calcium was tested back in january level was 2.32 sorry dont know the range. How often would you say I should have this tested if taking the vit D suppliment, 1000IU ?

sodium 145

potassium 4.6

again don't know ranges or ratio

magnesium wasn't done

Ps: could vit D have caused my Periods to start again after 8 months ?

Many thanks xx


Hi, No problem ,any time

Th range for calcium is 2.2. to 2.6 , that is the corrected calcium, unusually the same at all Labs. If they just do one test, not the usual 2 , then that is always the corrected calcium.

Sodium and Potassium ranges slightly, but the Potassium is definitely in range, the sodium range is mostly 133 to 146, or around that range. So the calcium is fine to take vit D, but really it should be slowly, it takes 3 months to be at optimum and then usually increased as required. After being on D for 3 months, you definitely need to Have calcium retested hopefully D too. The deficiency does stay for life, unless something like Parathyroid etc effects it.Then if stable annual D tests and calcium 6 months to a year, depending how your GP is!

Your sodium, although in range, is a bit high, this may cause high BP, not desirable anyway. Potassium is also too high , although in range. it is near the top of the range which is very harmful to the kidneys. Are you sure you drink enough water , etc?Very important for these two and kidneys etc etc.Do not take any magnesium tablets etc except under a doctor, magnesium in particular makes the Potassium high. Magnesium has a very tiny range, must be in range. These 4 electrolytes must always be in range.

D is a hormone, so if that and the thyroid are being treated well, I would say that starting periods is quite likely. If you are not happy with how you are progressing, I would ask for a referral to an endo, make sure you pick one first, not always the GP`s choice.! An endo deals with all this and a lot moire, First appointment they normally also test for B12 and foliates, Glucose, D and iron/ Feritin. The iron and b12 may particularly relate to no periods.

I hope this helps. get back to me any time, you can always PM me, click on my name.

Best wishes,



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