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Hi everyone,

Would appreciate advice about my latest TSH results.

I followed advice about not taking levo at least 24hrs before test...I managed about 16- 18 hrs I feel better taking my levo at night, nothing to eat, just had water, bloods taken at 8.30am.

TSH Results came back 0.11 mU/L ( 0.35- 5.50mU/L)

I visited my GP on Friday 17th June to discuss and she was now being advised (not sure by whom) to drop my dose from 50mcg to 25mcg. She explained that the labs would not test my T4 because my TSH levels had dropped from previous results.

My initial diagnosis results were

TSH * 24.72 mU/L 0.35 - 5.50

Free T4 * 6.3 pmo/L 7.0 - 17.0

Ferritin 89ug/L 15- 300

Folate 11.4 ug/L > 3.0

Vit B12 458 ng/L 150 - 900

All tests that were done included,

full blood count

bone profile which flagged up calcium * 2.61 mmol/L 2.20 -2.60

c- reactive protein <1 mg/L <5

eGFR and electrolytes

Lipid profile

Liver function test.

No idea what they all mean, can anyone interprate for me please.

Many thanks always.

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How do you feel?

Yes, your TSH is below range, but TSH is pretty meaningless on its own - you really need to know what your free T3 level is. In the absence of that measurement, its how you feel in yourself that counts.


Thanks Ruthi, I will look into having private blood test done.


Your FT4 is below range so you probably need an increase rather than a decrease. But it would be helpful to get a FT3 done. Clemmie


Thanks...I'm looking at tests on Blue Horizon.

Kind regards.


If you can afford it getting a private test this will help give you a fuller picture

Eg do you have thyroid antibodies? Both TPO and TG antibodies need checking

Also what's your Vitamin D level - often pretty low with thyroid issues

If vitamin D, B12, folate or ferritin are low then thyroid hormones can not be easily used in cells - sits there unused, leaving you tired but wired and anxious

Private blood tests info here

Many of us here have had to resort to private tests to work out exactly what is going on. Personally I use Blue horizon home finger prick tests - thyroid plus eleven - as this also includes vitamin D.

If you have high antibodies, this means Hashimoto's - autoimmune thyroid. Many Hashimoto's patients (myself included) benefit from a 100% gluten free diet. You don't necessarily have to have any obvious signs of gut issues or reactions to gluten in foods. It is more to do with a leaky gut and gluten crossing the gut barrier into blood stream. Gluten molecules are apparently very similar to thyroid ones and body gets confused, causing immune reaction.

Selenium can help support thyroid too

Plenty more info on here


Thanks for your advice SlowDragon. It makes sense to get a full range of tests done. My GP is only prepared to do a diabetes test.

Kind regards Debbie.


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