Hi I've read Apple cider vinegar is good for digestion. I am hypo and want to try it. Anyone on here try it and how do you use it? On 50 McFadden synthroid feel pretty good as meds just raised a month ago and improved symptom. Only thing bothering me is stomach issues. Gas bloating constipation pain. Every morning wake up nauseous with high stomach pain right in middle also in lower abdomen. Just had endoscopy colonoscopy. Endoscopy fine had polyps removed have diverticulosis. Iron ok b 12 and d vitamins ok. Tested for h pylori negative. At whirs end what else to do. Been gluten free for 3 months. No difference but sticking with it. Anyone have any ideas what I can do? Thanks for help.

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  • I use ACV for acid reflux issues. 2 teaspoons in 8oz glass of water with a teaspoon of honey to ease the taste & the honey helps the gut as well. I also take digestive enzymes & a probiotic to help. I take the ACV before each meal.

    If you decide to try ACV make sure you buy a good quality one that also contains the "mother" which is strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the product a murky, cobweb-like appearance.

    ACV can cause erosion of tooth enamel, so I brush frequently & also rinse my mouth out after taking the ACV.

  • Two months ago there was quite a lot of discussion about ACV and how to take it on one of your threads. Ruthi also gave some suggestions about a Japanese product. Maybe have another read through ....

    I see you have been gluten free for just three months - I feel it will take longer to heal the gut with Diverticulitis. I was GF for 3 years before my thyroid anti-bodies reduced - but then I have had Crohns for over 40 years. Hashimotos diagnosed in 2005.

    What exactly is your diet ? Also do you have your results that you say are fine ? B12 - Iron etc. How is your T3 level ? Thyroid Anti-bodies ? Apologies if you have alreadyt posted these results ....

  • Hi Marx. Don't have the papers in hand no. I talked to dr. About results. I know b12 is 1000 so that's good. He said iron was good. Unfortunately he relies on TSH only. Just had a physical with blood work done and haven't go results yet. Drs can't figure out why I have nausea everyday. Think it's time to seek a second opinion my stomach only seems to get worse not better. Thanks for replying

  • Marx I also am taking zinc cars anime like Ruth's suggested. So far no improvement yet sorry my phones auto correct spell keeps putting an x instead of z at end of your name. Marz just fixed that. Thanks for all your help don't know what I'd do without you guys and this site

  • If your B12 is 1000 its a red flag as to whether your body can methylate it (get it into the cells, often means you have lots in your blood your body can't use it where it needs it - but doctors don't understand this - and taking a methylated form of B12 could be really helpful, this is the one I take its by Jarrow) certainly a lot of your symptoms sound like they could be B12 deficiency related. Look up the MTHFR gene mutation to see for yourself more information relating to this. It does take awhile for the body to heal after going on a gluten free diet, in the end I had to ditch corn in order for the nausea to go away for me (stupidly it took me six plus years after going GF to figure this one out). I did a paleo reset in the end, a great way to figure out what is causing the problem while giving your body a chance to heal. I also use a tablespoon of ACV in water before meals and I use lemon juice in water to alkalinise my body too. I also use Betaine HCL with meals.

  • What do you mean by methylation b 12

  • Methylated B12 is a biologically active form of B12, on my blog link above there is a link to a great form that I use by Jarrow and it also shows you another product by Solgar which is folate in the form of Metafolin, (methylated) again an active form of folate that your body can use much more readily.

  • Thanks to you I just read a big article on methylation b12. I now understand there is a problem with some people absorbing this. Had no idea. It's but Suzy cohen. Someone gave me link on this site maybe you lol. It's to very imformative.

  • Were you supplementing when your B12 result was 1000 - if not then the methylation issue mentioned by Hathi999 could be an issue. You need good folate levels too - as B12 and Folate work together.

  • Yes Marz I was supplementing b 12 when test was done also take good multi vitamin with b complex thanks

  • Testing for B12 is pointless when supplementing - this is stated in the Guidelines for Folate and B12 Deficiency. Your Doc should have read them - but they rarely do :-(

  • Hi, I buy 5 litres Biona Organic apple cider vinegar( with the mother included in it), from Amazon it's £11.87 at the moment. I was buying organic supermarket previously (nowhere near as good as Biona!). Since using this my issues have practically gone. The best way for me is 1/2 cup water ( I only drink Ashbeck bottled water, practically no Fluoride in it from Tesco) add one good tablespoon of the vinegar and sip this during my meal If I have any problems outside of meal time I just have another 1/2 cup. Be mindful of the acid on your teeth, it helps to rinse your mouth out after. Avoid brushing your teeth too soon after having anything acidic, because it isn't good for tooth enamel - it brushes it into the teeth.Something else that is helping me is, I put a few drops of Waitrose Sicilian lemon ( this is gorgeous and not made from concentrate rubbish £1 a bottle) into every other bottle of water I drink. It is thirst quenching and keeps my acid levels topped up. I hope this helps x

    PS someone else has mentioned pro biotics and they are correct. I buy pre( these feed the probiotics) and pro biotics from Healthspan.

  • I do the same, Biona ACV and we have a reverse osmosis filter for our water.

  • Hi, a dentist told me that tooth erosion is always worse in people who drink acids regularly and that water doesn't neutralize the acid. He suggested dinking through a straw to avoid the teeth altogether.

  • You are right. I forgot to mention that I use a straw also.x Thanks

  • Can also be corrosive and damaging to the esophagus lining and needs to be flushed down with a very lot of water

  • Thanks great idea

  • perhsps get tested for SIBO or Candid?

  • Hi Nanny - I've had similar symptoms for many years. Thyroid meds helped, as did going gluten free and then auto immune paleo. I was taking Betaine Hydrochloride with Pepsin (instead ov ACV) with my main meal. Then my new doc said to take BHC with every meal or snack, testing out the amounts needed. Both my husband (60s) and I (50s) now have a reduction in number and severity of digestion issues, even histamine intolerance and sleep interruptions have improved.

    Maybe it is worth looking into?

  • Tried betaine with pepsin. Maybe not taking enough but doesn't seem to help. Thanks for your help

  • Hello Nanny, I'd definitely go with the advice re: Pepsin and Betain Hydrochloride. Digestive enzymes really helped me with both upper (GERD) and lower (IBS) digestive tract issues. If that doesn't work on its own you could test whether it's possibly a lactose intolerance by seeing if symptoms improve on a lacto free diet for a week. I became lactose intolerant after lots of antibiotics, but drinking home-made Kefir (fermented milk drink) has reversed that by providing the gut bacteria that digest lactose. The sour and fizzy taste took some getting used to, but it gave me a revitalized energy. L-glutamine is known for soothing the gut lining as it repairs damaged tissue - a teaspoon in water on an empty stomach twice a day - tastes of sweaty trainers, but again it does seem effective.

  • Where would I get fermented kefir milk? Would like to try thanks

  • Our local independent health food shop sells it pre-made. I don't think it can be used to make new Kefir though.

    Kefir grains can be bought online and it's very economical. Just make sure to follow the packet instructions. The first lot of mine tasted weirder and lumpier than the later batches. I use full-fat milk from a local dairy to make it - just a small jar every day, so it's become part of my routine.

  • Thanks will try.

  • I am assuming that you are on a reasonably good diet - not living on gluten free products from the supermarket? They are basically highly processed junk food, albeit gf.

    The most common cause of digestive problems after wheat/gluten is milk. So I would suggest you try cutting that out too for a while. A month will tell you whether its part of your problem.

    I think the Japanese product mentioned above is probably Zinc Carnosine, can't think of anything else I have talked about recently. Its not Japanese, but used as a first line treatment for ulcers in Japan. Its helped with my gastritis, but I doubt if it will help if your endoscopy and colonoscopy have come back clear. To be honest, I suspect ACV won't help for the same reason, but both are harmless and you are desperate so......

    SIBO, candida and other gut flora issues are the things I would suspect given your history. Read up on them and see how they match with your symptoms. They are a grey area with conventional medics. There are some medical tests for SIBO and candida, and you can get stool analysis done privately which would signal any gross imbalances. In the mean time I would suggest you take a good quality (ideally soil based) probiotic, and increase your fermented food intake. Oh, and find whatever fibre supplements work to keep you regular - just being seriously constipated can bring on SIBO.

  • Thanks Ruth's I suspect constipation is at root of a lot of my problems went off milk for a month and no difference in stomach pain but I did test positive with milk sensitivity. Allergy de said vey gray area with blood testing for food sensitivities as they are not really conclusive. Where would I go to test for candida or sibo. I doubt my conventional dr. Would do it. I have issues with heroics polys and rectal bleeding. Dr wants to do sigmoidoscopy in 2 months. Don't get that as I've just has colonoscopy and had polyps removed. He said I have another polyp in sigmoid colon he missed and that's where diverticul

  • Sigmoid colon has most pockets diverticulosis. Hemoroids not heroics sorry. Thanks for your help

  • Ruth's you are right I do eat a good diet. All whole foods yogurt everyday as dr. Said. Cut out drinking milk but miss it terribly. Don't buy gluten free bread and stuff like it. Don't eat any breat bagels at all. Surprisingly don't is it. I have missed milk though. Just don't understand why nothing seems to help. Taking supplants even got the zinc cars anime you suggested. Nothing works so far. I appreciate so much this site and yours and everyone else's help. I would be lost without all of you. THANKYOU so much

  • I second cutting out the dairy. I had really bad stomach issues with bloating and pain. Cut out the gluten and the dairy and took a good probiotic and about 5 months in things got better. They also did get a lot worse before they got better though.

  • All my digestive issues resolved with daily spoonfuls of Biona organic sauerkraut (better than any other probiotic I'd tried.

  • Wow will try thanks

  • Just ordered my raw biona sauerkraut . Hope it works live sauerkraut anyway.thanks so much

  • I hope it works for you too Nanny23. I forgot to mention that I also avoid gluten. I've also,started taking Magnesium citrate powder (apparently, we're all deficient in this mineral). This has really helped with a number of issues, but especially seems to relax the bowels (you know if you take too much though!)

  • Chris Kresser suggests has a free downloadable ebook available here which is quite interesting and there is one on gut health and B12 deficiency here also I went gluten free but it wasn't until I read and did his paleo reset that I got huge gut relief. (It turned out corn products are a huge issue for me. He goes into great depth about B12 tests and how they do and don't work too.

  • THANKYOU so much just downloaded thyroid book

  • Hi all thyroid Uk! I havnt been on this site for a while! My sister is Nanny 23 and I recommended this site because I have APS/ ANTIPHOSPHOLIPID ANTIBODY SYNDROME/ HUGHES SYNDROME!!! Since APS can be Familiar, Thyroid goes along with APS, along with OTHE auto-immune problems, I begged my sister to be tested 4 APS! After much coaxing Lynn finally was tested and has tested positive 3 times for APS! I didn't see one mention of this on these 32 replies. Forgive me if she has mentioned it! I think she has! I'm just making sure as this s something my sis seems to avoid telling many of her docs! I understand, but find that very important to tell all her docs she has tested positive for APS. I too find this site very informative or my issues too! I'm going to listen to my sis, as she's wares I too have thyroid issues that my DICS are overlooking and that I too am guilty of pushing thyroid aside! I have too many other auto-immune diseases to take on my thyroid right now, but will in near future! I do have severe GERD and swollen throat, and only a small airway to breathe thru! Going for all tests hopefully this week to get some relief! Throat was too swollen to c vocal chords by ENT so went to throat specialist that had better equipment and sent pix to ENT! One side of throat more swollen than other and he can't c what was under there, but did c a small spot on vocal chords! He said he wouldn't do any surgery cuz being in hi doses of Warfarin and APS I'm too hi risk, but will go for Throat MRI hopefully this week! Thx for helpin my Dear Sister and me too with many issues! God Bless Y'all and I do hope Y'all stay happy and mostly HEALTHY SO U CAN BE HAPPY!!! GODSPEED!!!

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