Apple cider vinegar seems to be helping digestion and back pain

Just thought I'd share this as it may help someone else. I have been experiencing terrible digestive symptoms, worse than normal. I could eat for a couple of days but it didn't seem to be digesting and i was feeling pretty sick.

I have been worrying that it could be something wrong with my gall bladder or pancreas but gp has said not as I do not have much pain. Symptoms of bloating, feeling sick, burning, belching and slight burning pain left side under rib and up my back. I have been taking NOW super digestive enzymes but still have symptoms.

I bought some organic apple cider vinegar after reading about it online. I have been taking it for a week. The first day it improved the burning and feeling sick feeling. The next morning I woke up feeling great, no aches or pains. My stomach seemed to work better and the bloating was significantly reduced. Today I have realised that the lower back pain I suffer with daily has gone. I had trouble sitting for long periods but now I can sit for longer. What a great side effect!

Anyway I have read both good and bad stories about it online but so far it seems to be benefitting me. I am going to tell my cousin and my friend who suffer arthritis and back pain and I'm going to buy my dad a bottle to see if it helps his gout!

I have also read that it gets rid of moles and skintags. I have two skintags on my neck so will be trying this method to see if they disappear.

Will keep you posted

Best wishes

Carolineanne x

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Hi there, sounds worth a try for me! Thanks. How do you take it?

See my reply below.

I just add a tablespoon full to a glass of water and sip it. I have read different measurements from 1 tsp to two tablespoons. I liked the taste so I didn't add any honey.

Pl tell me when ACV diluted or undiluted with or without addiyives like honey etc is best taken,. Is it before meals or after meals.


Funnily enough I have been reading about it too and these are a couple of helpful links.

Hypo usually suffer with low acid rather than high. I wasn't able to buy organic which I will do when I return home but am going to give this one go as my stomach has been bothering me for a few weeks.

Thank you Shaws....just wondered if you had tried Kefir for your gut - just a thought. Sorry your tum has been troubling you of late - hope it soon settles.

I think that low acid might be my problem. The gp of course thought it was too much acid and prescribed PPIs. I despair! I didn't bother to put the prescription in. Surely it makes more sense that hypo would slow acid production down rather than making excessive amounts!

I had read about it before but not tried it as sometimes you don't think it's going to make much difference. But I'm amazed, my tummy makes gurgling sounds now and I have begun to be able to go naturally instead of suffering constipation.

Also, this morning I have been spring cleaning the house, hoovering and mopping etc and my back and neck do not hurt as they normally would- it's quite amazing! Let's hope that it is not a placebo effect! an aside I have read that skin tags can indicate higher oestrogen levels - can't remember where I read it though ! Vinegar has so many uses - glad it is helping you !

I've also found cider vinegar is brilliant for digestive problems and gall bladder pain, after trying probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc.

I have a very old book that is almost exclusively devoted to its benefits for humans and farm animals !

I have also read about the benefits of this on a previous blog on here and about adding Manuka Honey to the ACV mixture in the morning too. I'm also having these problems and am about to start trying the two to see if things improve my symptoms.

Are there any high street retailers that sell this? There's definitely been threads about this before and am very tempted to try it. Will order online if needs be though.

You can buy apple Cider Vinegar in any supermarket, but I suggest you get the organic one which you can get in Tesco:

I saw it in Sainsbury's, Waitrose, and Asda at various times. Not sure about Morrison's.

Thanks marram. Plenty of choice then.

Whoopie just bought this one today so glad it is the right one, off to try it now as after researching found above comments and I have terrible acid reflux. Never had it but my TSH rocketed to 29 from 0.07 and this is the result.

I bought Aspalls organic cider vinegar in Holland and Barratt. Think it was £1.99. I have read about the Braggs one. It is cloudy and this sediment is referred to as the ' mother'. Apparently it contains all the good stuff. I couldn't find the Braggs one and the one I bought doesn't seem all that cloudy but seems to be working ok.

Love that word describing sediment!

The Braggs one is a USA product, I believe. Might be available in a few niche shops and on-line but is expensive. Am not in the least convinced it is any better than other ACVs "with mother" such as Ostlers. (Actually, I am not convinced of the benefits of cloudy over clear - Aspalls seems fine.)


I bought the Braggs online from Amazon. I have acid reflux really bad and suffer horribly from allergies and always have a hoarse voice from spring until winter arrives. The vinegar is absolutely amazing for both! Also have knee pain from time and time and that seems to have disappeared as well since taking the vinegar.

Its also great for weight loss, apparently.

I tried this yesterday..feel better today..touch wood.We shall see!

Best wishes Linda

I just tried this as suffer with IBS and underactive thyroid but the taste has made me feel sick and I can't get rid of the taste. I'm not sure I will be able to face another dose, am I missing something?

How much ACV did you use? Did you dilute it? Did you add some honey and how much? Was it definitely organic apple cider vinegar with Mother?

As a guide for using it for the first time, put a teaspoonful of honey (doesn't necessarily have to be Manuka honey as it's just for taste) in a mug, half fill mug with warm water and stir to dissolve. Let it cool and add half a teaspoonful of ACV and stir. Drink through a straw to protect tooth enamel from the acid. You can alter the amount of honey to your own individual taste.

If you find the taste OK, over time gradually increase the amount of ACV until you are taking one tablespoonful in a mug of water and however much honey you want.

It can taste sharp but shouldn't particularly taste vinegary, if it does then alter the amount of honey to taste.

Hi Susie. Thanks for the reply.

It wasn't organic as that wasn't available. I put 2 tablespoons in 100 ml of water, still tasting the taste! I don't have any honey plus I can do without the sugar, thought it would just be a few seconds discomfort.

Ah, there's the problem, almost like drinking it neat!

Why not try again but start with half a teaspoon? Some people can drink it without the honey, personally I use a bit but probably less than a teaspoonful.

Thanks again.

Not sure I can try it again, awful!

I totally agree with you!! It has helped me like nothing else has and I have read it has many more health advantages too. Will make sure I take it every day!!!

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