Low Stomach Acid and Apple Cider Vinegar

I have low stomach acid and I have been taking 2 capsules Betaine HCL & Pepsin with every meal as well as supping lemon water all day, but my supplements are getting really expensive and I would like to change over to Apple Cider Vinegar with 'mother' - I have got Aspall's Organic unfiltered at the moment

Please can anyone advise me as to when it is best to take, what dilution and anything I need to add to it?

Thank you :-)

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Hi, I also have low acid problem and have been taking Bragg's ACV plus digestive bitters 3 times a day before meals and it works very well. I also take bovine geletine every morning as this is supposed to help heal the gut.

Which digestive bitters do you take please and where do you get it from? Many thanks 😊

I take Centaurium drops made by A.Vogel. You can get them in any good health food shops or Boots chemist.

Thanks so much 😊

Hey Kate64,

Some people rate Urban Moonshine as a good one, but its super expensive. Planetary herbals is another...

I use the Nature Works Swedish Digestive Bitters 500ml (38% alcohol) bottles from luckyvitamin.com/p-31983-na... ...be careful because you will have to pay an import duty Β£8 and 20% VAT, if the good's value is over Β£18 inc P&P - I did a bulk purchase with some quality oregano oil etc. and after crunching the numbers it was a little cheaper for me.

On Amazon there is the alcohol-free one called Flora: amazon.co.uk/d/qid/Swedish-...

In the future I think I will do Flora and remove the alcohol component.


Brill! Thanks again 😊

I take a tablespoon of ACV in about 50mls of water and add 10-15 drops of Centaurium (A.Vogel) as well.

Thank you stig5882 this is really useful. I do take 2 x tps Swedish Digestive Bitters, but only once per day...so it will be good to incorporate it with an ACV dilution into a "pre-meal swig" :-)

For my leaky gut I have been taking L-Glutamine, Zinc and Liquorice...I have not heard of Bovine Geletine, I try to stay away from the bovine food chain as much as possible due to the potential toxicity, as I know I have methylation problems! I am struggling to detox :-(

I take ACVWM after being recomended on here :-)

I take 2 teaspoons in a small glass of water before each meal :-)

I used Bragg's to start but am now on a Kentish one (it was a little cheaper).

I just wish I did not spill so much pouring out 2 teaspoons lol

Thank you ajs100uk, I spill loads of my swedish digestive bitters measuring out the dose :-) lol!

I will "glug" down this Aspall's and then try Braggs or Kent ACVWM.

Can you buy empty aromatherapy bottles with droppers? I have a variety of sizes as I mix my own and find the droppers really useful. I use Baldwins for these sort of supplies.

Hi cwill, I have just re-purposed a milk thistle seed tincture bottle for just this job! :-)

You could try using a 10ml syringe

Just take a couple of teaspoons to begin with as it is quite strong mixed with water or juice before and during your meal.

Thank you shaws :-)

I found one teaspoon with a whole glass of water before every meal helpful until it settled down then I just took one teaspoon with a whole glass of water before main meal. Now I just take a teaspoon when I need to. I am not gluten free but I cut down on gluten and found it helped to minimise it.

Thanks Nanaedake, I can see that I will need to experiment and see what dose is best for me - possibly need to keep revisiting the "burp test" :-)

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