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Thyroid Test Results enquiry

Hi I'm new here and would really appreciate your opinion on these results. I've had health issues for over a year and wondering if it's to do with my thyroid. I'm on 100mcg Levothyroxine which hasn't been changed for a few years.this test was done by Blue Horizon. I had them done because I don't think my doctor is listening to me anymore because I've been to him so frequently over different issues.

My results

TSH. 1.48

T4 Total

Free T4

Free T3


Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs 8.9

Anti-thyroglobulin Abs 11.0

Thank you.

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patriciamt you seem to have missed out some results for T3 and T4 but if my Tsh was at the same level as yours when on 100mcg levo I would be feeling pretty rough. Out of interest what brand of levo are you on? I am having some issues and wondering if it is the meds rather than anything else!


Oops! Sorry missed out information

T4 Total. 128.2

Free T4. 19.03

Free T3. 4.26


Patriciamt, we need the ranges. The numbers by themselves mean nothing.

Ranges for FT4, FT3 and antibodies. The TT4 is a useless test which tells us nothing, with or without the range. TSH is TSH, and yours my be a tad high, but it depends on the other results.

However, I will say that it does look like you're not converting very well.

When were these tests done?

Your doctor can't tell you anything, because he doesn't know anything. However, it is his job to look after his patients, so don't worry about seeing him frequently, he's paid for it!


Hi Crimple

I'm on Levothyroxine.

missing info

T4 Total 128.2

Free T4. 19.03

Free T3. 4.26

To be honest I've felt unwell with so many symptoms for so long I don't know what to expect to be normal.

I can't remember the last time GP checked my thyroid, but I've seen my GP so many times with issues with eyes, hearing, dizziness, and many more symptoms with no solutions that I'm worried they think I'm a hypochondriac.

I've learned more on this website about the thyroid than any doctor has told me which is why I decided to get my own tests done.

Your help is very much appreciated.


Have you had tests for Iron, ferritin, folate, Vit B12 and Vit d levels? They need to be good as otherwise the levo cannot work properly. GP should really check thses but BH have tests for them too.


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