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blood results help please

I've got the results of my private tests through today. I'm a bit confused because I thought there was going to be loads, and I'd had some results done by the Drs last week. Anyway, is there any chance anyone could advise me on these please? I have my gp appointment on Tuesday to discuss the results she's done which is why I tried to get these done before that appointment.

today's results are:

CRP  4.9  (<5.0)

Ferritin    81.7    (20-150)

free T4    11.53    (12-22)

frfree T3   4.18    (3.1-6.8)

TSH  1.62    (0.27-4.20)

T4 Total  94.6   (64.5-142)

Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs  28.4  <34

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs  16.1  <115

vitamin B12  206 Deficient  <140

serum folate     19.97   10.4-42.4

thank you x

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mlig - Others will be along shortly to advise on the thyroid results but at least you're negative for thyroid antibodies. Your B12 and folate are both low. A serum B12 level of less than 500 can result in numerous neurological symptoms. A lot of thyroid and B12 deficiency symptoms overlap - you may want to look at the symptom checklist before heading into your GP appointment:



thank you:-)

I thought I'd need to treat the b12, especially because it was 300, then these private bloods were done about 10 days later and it's dropped to 200. I've read that it should be treated under 400 as well but that's not the guidelines for the NHS.   is the folate low? I know the guidelines are often wrong but I don't know what those levels should be.

I've also read a lot on her about t3 levels being low but wasn't sure about the t4?


Folate and B12 work hand in hand.  If your folate levels are low then your body may struggle to fully utilise any B12 that you have.  Ideally your folate should be in the upper range.

There are BCSH guidelines for treating B12 deficiency here (these are the full guidelines and it's rather lengthy):


There is a summary on the PAS website (in fact, there's a lot of useful information on PAS!):


You'll find that often that GPs here don't seem to have a clue about B12 deficiency and a lot of people participating on this forum have had to resort to self medication.  That said, do not start to supplement B12 before you've seen your GP as any supplementation will skew any blood test results.

As for your thyroid results, you may find this page useful on Thyroid UK's website:


I'm sure one of more knowledgeable folks will be along shortly to give some better advice :)


could someone help advise me with this please? x


I think you should ask your doctor to test you for Pernicious Anemia with such a low B12.

Even if you Don't have Pernicious Anemia, you need to supplement. But get the test done before starting to supplement, or you will skew the results. :)


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