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Cynomel Aventis-Sanofi

Have sent this email to Aventis. Will post reply. Don't ask don't get.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I contacted your department earlier regarding your Cynomel product (T3) which I know you sell in France but not the UK. Mercury Pharma supplies the only T3 product, liothyronine to the NHS which is a generic in the UK at a hugely inflated price of £208.43p for 60 tabs. Cynomel being approximately 1.8euros for 30 tabs in any French pharmacy with a GP prescription.

I had a total thyroidectomy in 2007 and never really got better taking Levothyroxine. I happened across a thyroid forum and many members were taking T3. Members were either self medicating, as had been refused T3 by NHS GPs or Endocrinologists or were lucky enough to have a forward thinking GP/Endocrinologist and obtained T3 on the NHS.

Unfortunately Liothyronine prescriptions have started to be withdrawn in certain areas of the U.K. Members have also lost appeals to their CCGs for the continuation of treatment with T3. Patients believe this is based on cost and very frustrated that the NHS can behave in such shoddy fashion. Worse still have to find an alternative source of T3 outside of the U.K. As a pharmaceutical company you will know this is not always the the safest of options, desperate people do desperate things. I for one cannot imagine going back to my Levothyroxine days with all the typical hypothyroid symptoms and daily SVT attacks, non of which I get when taking T3.

So this is the reason for my writing to you. Why don't Aventis-Sanofi start selling Cynomel in the UK. There are over 300,000 patients taking T3 and many more self medicating. I truly believe many more people would benefit from T3 therapy who like me had very little quality of life and didn't know about the benefits of T3.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my post and very much hope that Aventis-Sanofi can get Cynomel into the UK market as soon as possible as there clearly is one.

I would like to thank the lady I spoke to in your office with respect to IDIS Pharma. Rang Boots and they told me they couldn't get Cynomel.

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Well done for being pro-active and look forward to their response.

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Well done - I just bought 8 packages of 30 X 20 T3 which will last me 16 months for £8.


Fantastic. Would you PM and let me know how you did it.


Hi could you pm me please how you did this thanks


Hi Very grateful if you could PM me where you got it from. x


Could you please pm me the details....desperate running out in 18 days....Thanks a thousand times!!!


This is only the price in pharmacy. Don't fool yourself that you can get any T3 for that price online.


Yes you are right - I am so so sorry if I mislead anyone. Mine was purchased in Greece over the counter at a pharmacy.


Could you pm me and tell me how you managed this please? x


Could you PM me please with how you managed this? Thank you


Dear Airmed,

Have you had any reply to your letter regarding T3, which you sent to Sanofi Aventis earlier this year? Regardless of the outcome, THANK YOU for writing this letter!!! Best regards. Kitten.


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