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Hi All,

Not posted for a while, but have been checking in back and forth. Some great posts and helpful information as always!

Well, I've been plodding along much the same over the last few months. I am now entering my 14th year living with Hypothyroidism. Have tried various approaches to treatment, but have finally settled on T3 only.

I am currently taking Cynomel by Sanofi Aventis. I find this brand suits me better than all the others but I am still unhappy about having to pay for it myself. The NHS did for a while prescribe Liothyronine which I could not get along with at all. They stopped prescribing it anyway after a few months. My practise likes to torment me like that, and they will not entertain prescribing Cynomel on a named patient basis.

So, I had to do much research trying to find a private doctor to prescribe T3 by Sanofi and thankfully they agreed. I believe I have found the 'best' price for it from a wonderful pharmacy I stumbled upon, BUT it's still crippling me financially. It works out at approximately £700 annually. I am however on a minimum wage, a lone parent and am paying ridiculous amounts towards council tax.

Please understand, this isn't a pity post. I know there are literally thousands of you in the same situation. I am just trying to find any other solution I can to cut costs. I have read a few posts here, regarding folks who have walked into a pharmacy in France and managed to buy Cynomel over the counter. I am seriously considering taking a trip in the Summer, but obviously would be hugely disappointed if I was unable to obtain it. A few months ago I purchased a fax machine off Ebay to try and fax my private prescription to a pharmacy in Belgium.Someone here posted the details. Unfortunately I could not get the damn thing to fax despite trying all week and I was too scared to post it in case they never got it. All terribly frustrating and time consuming!

Any ideas? Does anyone know of a Pharmacy in France where I can get this stuff for a fair and reasonable price without hassle? Do tell..

Regards Joan

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So I know its possible to get it more cheaply there, although I j have never done it. I do hope you find a solution that eases your financial pressures soon.

Good luck x


I recently asked a work colleague in Lyon to enquire at a local pharmacy about prices for Cynomel. She was told that it is only available on prescription and I did not get the prices.


If you send me a copy of your prescription, I'd be happy to try faxing it to Belgium for you, alternatively, many public libraries will fax for you for a small fee.


I've just ordered cynomel from Mexico (will PM details if you like) $32 for 100 25mcg inc. postage. I expect to pay the usual import duties etc but I can't see it costing £700 a year. Will let you know how much when it arrives,hopefully within 2weeks. Good luck!


If you have a smartphone, most have the ability to take a photograph (e.g. of the prescription) and email that. Might take a bit of playing around but shouldn't be too difficult. If you have not got one yourself, maybe a friend? Indeed, almost any digital camera can do what is needed - take a picture and get it onto a computer.

If you have the option, send the picture as a PDF - that tends to cause fewer problems for the recipient.

I have often found people ask for a fax (in many walks of life) but are perfectly happy to accept lots of different ways of sending images. (Bit like people saying they were reading the newspaper when they were looking at a website rather than real paper.)

Even if they 100% insist on a fax, there are ways of sending pictures as if they were faxes. Respond to me and I will try to help.



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