Unipharma vs Cynomel t3

Have just started self medicating with unipharma t3 and feel great.

However I have found a cheaper source of Cynomel (Sanofi) and I am contemplating moving to that unless they're is good reason that it is cheaper??

Is there anyone in this forum who has tried both or has tried Cynomel and what was your experience of it? I currently take 100mcg Levothyroxine daily and 5mcg of t3 every 5 hours.

Thank you.

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  • I moved from unipharma T3 to Sanofi Cynomel and didn't notice a difference. I currently take 175mcg Levo and 25mcg T3

  • Thanks. Good to know

  • Seven_on_bikes and Watmum,

    Are you sourcing Sanofi Cynomel without prescription?

  • With a prescription

  • Hi Clutter, I source cynomel using a named prescription via one of the pharmacies recommended by Thyroid U.K. This way, my GP is happy to monitor me and keep up to date with blood tests etc.

  • Seven_on_bikes, I take 50 mcg Unipharma T3 (no T4 for the last 5 days) and still feel very hypo. I will be increasing my dose. I thought it was a rather weak form of T3 although I cannot make a comparison.

    A friend of mine has been taking 10 mcg Unipharma T3 since September and her FT3 has gone down from 4 to 3.30 (3.10-7.10) for the same period of time. She is taking T4 at the same time so that might be a good explanation for this fall in FT3 (if most of her T4 is converted into rT3). She is on 37.5 T4 though and her FT4 has also gone down.

  • Hi Seven, would you possibly mind sharing your online pharmacy with me. I too can get a prescription for my t3 but at present haven't needed to.

    If you or anyone else could private message me that would be great.

    Sparkly x

  • Sparkly,

    Try the online pharmacies in this link thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm... (prescription required).

  • Thanks clutter but could see NDT.

    Was thinking of any European pharmacies that would only charge the true price like the one I use to order from.

  • Sparkly,

    The pharmacies are not limited to supplying NDT. They should also be able to obtain Sanofi or Thybon T3 with your prescription.

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