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Started Nature-throid

I started taking Nature-throid on 30th April. I was on 50mcg of levothyroxine and 10mcg of Liothyronine and my T4 was low. Felt really fatigued and Endo wanted me to up Levo to 75mcg. Every time I up Levo it makes me feel worse. I ordered Nature-throid and started with 1/2 grain + 10mcg of liothyronine. Am now on 1 grain early morning + 10mcg liothyronine and 1/2 grain late afternoon. I did try 1.5 grains + 10mcg liothyronine am but not sure if it's too much or if I should stop the liothyronine and build up ndt?

Still tired but wired n anxious too. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Had some bad dizzy spells too.

Should I stop T3 and build up ndt alone?

Obviously my endo and gp are not aware I have switched to ndt.

Any advice would be welcome.

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50mcg T4 + 10mcg T3 is equivalent to 80mcg T4.

1.5 grains + 10mcg T3 is equivalent to 127.5mcg T4. You may be taking too much T3 or may be generally overmedicated, either of which can make you feel wired and tired. Perhaps you could drop the 10mcg T3 for 3-4 days to see whether symptoms improve and hold at 1.5 grains for six weeks and have a FT3 test to check levels before increasing.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thanks Clutter, never sure if it's over or under. I feel I should be building up the dose of Nature-throid, but am unsure whether I need to even continue with the liothyronine now, as the ndt has it in and is natural?

I've got bloods booked for end of May, prior to endo appointment - so results may be weird, I don't know.



It won't be weird if you have lower TSH and higher FT4 due to the dose increase. FT4 may be lower because you are taking a higher proportion of T3 than previously.


It's going to be weird even seeing endo. No point in telling him about ndt so I've got to say I'm on levothyroxine and Liothyronine. I won't have been on a level amount of ndt for 6 weeks when I go for bloods. Not sure what excuse to make. I don't want him to stop the T3 and I could do with him keeping me on the books for blood and vit tests. Think he's after signing me off now though - whatever symptoms I have.

Thank you Clutter.


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