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Reputable Suppliers of Nature-Throid please

Hi, sorry to ask an old question, could anyone please PM me their known reputable supplier(s) of Nature-throid 1/2 Grain. I've been on a trial of this supplied by a private GP, but now need to source my own to continue with it. I'm more concerned about the supply being genuine rather than cheap (although that would be a bonus :-) ) - i've never ordered NDT over the internet before so I'm a little edgy and want to make sure I go to the right place!.

ps, I know 1/2 grain is very small, I'm adding this to 75mcg Levo daily and it's working!. Got the combination idea from Kenneth Blanchards book who reckons we need a higher ratio of T4/T3 than that of NDT on it's own, so I’ve gone down this route for now. I know everyone’s different, but it does seem to be working for me.

Many thanks in advance,

Rick. (UK)

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I have sent you a message.


Could you send me the same information thanks x


Me three!


me too


Would it be possible to send me the details as well please?



Rick68, VAT is levied on goods valued £15+ and on the p&p for goods delivered to the UK from outside of Europe. The carrier will pay HMRC on behalf of the customer and will charge an Admin fee which is around £8 for RM and £11+ for other carriers.


Apologies for the breach of rules, I answered from my phone thinking I was on a P.M., hence I included the names. I'll stick to my computer in future (at least I know what I'm doing on that!) I'll blame Hypo Brain Fog ;-)

Clutter, Many thanks for the clarification. It is a bit annoying that we get the admin fee on top of the HMRC duty, but unfortunately have no choice as all NDT's come in at £15+.

Thanks again,



could someone let me have the name of a reputable supplier of Nature Throid too please outside of the US if possible. thank you.


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