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Shopping from Levo/Liothyronine combo to Nature-Throid

Hello everyone,

I am currently taking 50mcg or Levothyroxine (T4) and 10mcg of liothyronine (T3), I am still suffering symptoms of the Hashimotos, so have purchased to 1 grain (65mcg) Nature-Throid to try instead. Question is how much do I start with - I was thinking of 1/4 grain, but is that enough to be on until I need to raise it in a week or two? X

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As you are already taking the equivalent of approx 90 mcg of thyroid hormones (the dose could be too low for you and that's most likely why you still have symptoms) You could always try increasing your T3. Before blood tests dictated doses, on average we took between 200 and 400mcg of NDT.

You can switch to 1 grain NDT immediately and then increase every 2 weeks by 1/2 gr. and when you think you are nearing optimum 1/4 gr. drop back if you feel you've taken a bit too much and hopefully that should be your optimum dose.

I'd advise to take your temp/pulse several times a day before you begin and on NDT, so you have an idea how meds are working.

"I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"


Thank you for your advice Shaws. My Gp and Endo won't increase my T3, I was trialled on it years ago for three months and they only allow you 10mcg per day (due to the cost rather than requirement methinks)!! I did source and buy my own T3 to get on it this time so to increase I would have to go back on that one or mix the two. Xx Anyway thinking I will give the ndt a go to obtain all four T's. Fingers crossed xx

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You will find GPs who will, with a recent blood test result, help you find the correct dose, then give you a prescription for the correct dose, of Whole Thyroid. Also be close to a pharmacy who will fill the prescription for you. This will cost you a fair bit.

I pay one hundred NZ dollars for my 90 pills of 90 mcg.

There are NO side effects on whole thyroid tablets.

God Bless



Sometimes we have to try several ways to reach what suits us and I hope your NDT will do the trick.

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Sorry to muscle in but that's interesting, shaws. I know Dr P says to take temp/pulse in the morning before rising, but I didn't know about the throughout the day one. How do you use the info, please?


Hi Schenks

As we know our temp/pulse can be very low, or low before we're diagnosed but no-one ever checks them.

As you know, I'm not medically qualified but before the blood tests were introduced this is how things were done:-

Now, as far as I'm aware, when we switch from levo onto NDT or T3 our temp/pulse can be used as a guide to dosing particularly when on T3 only. It's not perfect of course.

Sometimes when changing meds, it takes time as you know, we might feel we've taken too much and maybe feel hot and uncomfortable, but when temp/pulse taken, one or both might not have risen much and we might have reduced unnecessarily.

If, on the other hand, our pulse has gone up too high we know we should reduce slightly down to previous dose. If we feel quite hot and guess we've taken a bit too much our temp might show it's risen very little. We might have reduced meds when not necessary particularly when nearing an optimum for us. We wouldn't need to do temp/pulse if we feel fine and dose is optimum.


That's really useful and calfifying, thank you.


I mean, clarifying, of course. Guess it's still too low!


Hello millefleur40

Also, it would benefit you greatly, to begin drinking at least 8 heaped teaspoons of Wheat Grass Powder daily, in half a litre of water. This gives energy and fills the blood with oxygen, also correcting malformed blood cells.

God Bless


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Hi joygiffard,

Does that product contain gluten at all please? and where do you buy it from ?

Thank you.



You give have a blood test then the Doctor makes a prescription from the blood test results, then the prescription is filled by a pharmacist.

Gluten _ well am not sure. You'll need to ask the Whole Thyroid producers/makers, or the pharmacist.



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