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Hi All,

After dealing with a high rT3 issue, and going on T3-only for about 11 weeks, I have now started Nature-Throid. The doctor started me on 1 grain (65mg) in the morning, and a 1/2 grain (32.5mg) in the afternoon. I felt pretty great for the first three days – dropped about 4 pounds in fluid retention, had energy, and was clear-minded!

Unfortunately, now the fluid retention is returning, as are some aches, pains, and fatigue. I'm not sleeping very well, and I've also picked up muscle twitches in my eyelid and right arm. Not sure what's going on there. I know any change in meds can cause some weird and fleeting new symptoms, so I'm trying to keep a level head. I'm committed to giving Nature-Throid a fair shot.

I'm wondering if it's already time to increase the dose? I can't afford to go hypo again, nor can I afford to gain any more weight, so I want to stay on top of things.




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How much T3 were you on? And did you stop that one day and start taking Nature Throid the next? How long have you been taking 1.5 grains?

I was on 60mcgs Cytomel, stopped for one day, then started on Nature-Throid when the prescription became available. I started for two days on 1 grain, and then was bumped up to 1.5 grains, which is where I have been for 1 week.

I'm hoping my symptoms returning isn't the T4 in the Nature-Throid converting to rT3 again. I really don't want to deal with rT3 anymore.

Hypoguy, 1 grain NDT is equivalent to 25mcg T3 so 1.5 grains is equivalent to 37.5mcg which is considerably less than the 60mcg you have been taking.

So would you recommend I ask my doctor about an increase, or are you saying that's where my symptoms are coming from?

What about the T4 though?

Hypoguy, the T4+T3 in 1.5 grains is equivalent to 37,5mcg T3. What were your thyroid results on 60mcg T3? That will tell us whether 60mcg T3 was an optimal dose. If it was then you are undermedicated on 1.5 grains.

Unfortunately, I never had labs done on the 60mcgs of Cytomel, so I'm not sure where I stand there. I didn't FEEL optimal, I can tell you that.

Hypoguy, no way to tell whether 60mcg T3 was optimal then and you'll have to wait 4-6 weeks to see whether 1.5 grains is sufficient.

Ugh. Such a slow process. I know I'll likely need more, because I'm already tired. Shame we can't just jump to a higher dose – but I know I need to give the T-4 time to build up.

Hypoguy, As you were taking 60mcg T3 and I think previously you were taking 150mcg T4 you may be undermedicated on 1.5 grains. If you have sufficient you could increase to 2 grains which is bioequivalent to 150mcg T4 or 50mcg T3.

I would hang on at 2 grains for 4-6 weeks and have FT3 tested before increasing further.

Reason not to increase dose too quickly


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

Did you get labs done to ck your Reverse T3 and other labs to be sure that your R t3 was back in range? Folks have approached clearing high R t3 in one of two ways: 1.5 mgs NDT combined with T 3 or T 3 only for approx. 12 weeks. Some have felt so well on the T 3 only that they stayed on it for as long as a few years.

Of course, if you haven't corrected the condition(s) that created the high R T3 in the first place, you could be finding yourself in the same position after awhile but I wouldn't think it would happen this quickly but... never say never, right?

Normally, you would raise NDT by 1/4 - 1/2 grain every 10 days or so but... it probably wouldn't hurt to try a 1/4 - 1/2 grain raise now and see how you feel. If an increase in the NDT or if adding a bit of T 3 to your regimen doesn't improve how you are feeling, time to dig in and make sure your iron, B 12, D 3 and adrenals/cortisol levels are where they should be.

Oh.. and as always, keep ck on your body temp and heart rate. If either go above normal levels, back down your NDT and/or T 3 dosage.

Thanks pheonix! I didn't have labs done to see if the rT3 was back in range. I never felt quite right on T3-only. I felt much more energy and clarity when I dropped the T4, and even when I added the T3... but it didn't last long. I retained fluid like crazy with T3-only. I was bloated and felt like a balloon, which confused me since I had heard the opposite often happens with T3 usage.

Anyway, too early to tell if Nature-Throid is the magic bullet (along with lifestyle changes etc) -- but I'm still heavy and still tired and still unmotivated. So maybe I will raise by a 1/4 grain and see how things go for a bit.

Just be very attentive to how you are feeling and don't neglect the body temperature and heart rate. You don't want to overdose. Seriously, if you aren't getting the results you want (be patient), do get another R t3, Free T3, Free T4, B12, D 3 and Iron tests done. Also, if your adrenals are struggling, it will be almost impossible to stabilize and optimize NDT or thyroid meds. The saliva cortisol test will show you what's what. Here is a link to some self - tests if you suspect adrenal problems. Of course, the saliva test is definitive.

The 12 weeks required to clear RT3 can be a little rocky. Most folks don't start feeling better until they clear the R t3 and start back raising NDT or T 3. If you don't correct what created the high R t3 in the first place, the T 4 in NDT can have you back at square one.

I had the saliva cortisol test done – I'll post the results below:

DHEAS (Saliva)

6.9 ng/mL 2 – 23 (Age Dependent)

Cortisol (Saliva)

7.4 ng/mL 3.7 – 9.5 (morning)

4.8 ng/mL 1.2 – 3.0 (noon)

2.1 ng/mL 0.6 – 1.9 (evening)

0.3 ng/mL 0.4 – 1.0 (night)

Thoughts? Doctor didn't think these results looked very good, and I'm supplementing my adrenals – but there doesn't seem to be any authority on how to treat adrenal fatigue.

I will get my labs and vitamin levels checked in the next few weeks.


I am NO cortisol expert at all but it doesn't look too bad except for the high noon and evening readings. Here is a good page to read....

google... sttm adrenal treatments and several links will come up. Here in the states we can buy dhea as a supplement but it is always wise to have your doctor tracking your progress if you use this. Not sure if it is available in the UK OTC.

I started on 2 grains of Naturethroid symptoms returned in December last year, I have slowly been increasing 1/4 grain and now im taking 3 grains and feel fine, so far! I found out the hard way of increasing too much too soon.

Thanks for the response Beverleyb! What happened when you raised the Nature-Throid too quickly? Hyper symptoms? Were you able to lose weight with Nature-Throid (if weight was an issue for you)?

Hi Hypoguy, Yes I had Hyper symptoms when I raised Nature Throid too quickly, I couldn't cope with anything was crying all the time, as another member said I was probably stressing my body. Its hard having to increase slowly, as we all want and expect instant results.

I am up to 3 grains now and feel fine. Its taken me 3 months of slowly increasing 1/4 at a time.

As for weight issue, I put on 3 stone 20 years ago, I didn't realise at the time I was Hypothyroid, so no treatment for 10 years , I have lost a few pounds . My weight seems to have stuck and I hate it. I have low blood sugars so get hungry very quickly which is another reason I cant loose weight.

Good luck Bev.

I too am on Naturethroid Hypoguy, which I pay for myself. Was wondering if you manage to get yours on an NHS prescription? Keen to cut my costs to see if I can get it via NHS.

I do get my Nature-Throid through prescription, but I'm based in the US. It's very cheap for me, but it was a pain finding a doctor who would prescribe it. Hope you're able to get it on prescription soon!

Thanks Hypoguy unlikely to get it on the NHS here in the UK.

New Update: It's been almost two weeks on Nature-Throid, and I know that's no time at all in thyroid land, but boy am I feeling crummy. My aches and pains have returned full force, as have the fluid retention and fatigue. The worst is the return of my lower back pain.

I upped to two grains yesterday and will take 2 grains again today. What is going on?? Is this just an adjustment period? Am I not taking enough? I can check my vitamins and minerals (B12, D, Iron, Ferritin), but it'll take a few weeks to get the results. In the meantime, I'm so frustrated about not feeling well. I wish I could just jump up to taking 3 grains, as I know that I need more. I'm 6'6" and 230 pounds!

I feel like I keep trying things that should help, and my body keeps rejecting them. I thought NDT was going to be the thing that helped me start to climb out of this cycle of not feeling well. I'm very discouraged.

Hypoguy. I know what you mean - I started Armour in October, now on Nature-Throid yet I feel even more tired then I did on levo! I'm a mess.

I would suggest getting your B12, ferritin, Vit D checked asap. Also are you having any gut issues? If so this can add to fatigue - maybe get screened for coeliac disease. 

I hope you (and I) feel better soon. Good luck

I'm planning on getting vit D, B12, and ferritin checked early next week. I just can't afford to feel like this while I get any potential vitamin deficiencies addressed. 

I mean, does NDT really take this much adjusting and tinkering to feel well?? I too may have felt more stable on Levo. Not well, but better. 

It's frustrating, everyone says it's not the medicine – it's the adrenals, it's a vitamin deficiency, it's something else – meanwhile I've blown up like a pufferfish again, and I feel miserable. People think I've let myself go. It's depressing. 

I just don't know what to do :(  I thank everyone here for supporting and listening and helping. This is not an easy road – not even family understands. 


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