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Advice again please

Hello to everyone,

Please could someone advise me about my latest blood results from Blue Horizon.

CRP 1.00 <5.0

Ferritin 67.0 20-150

TSH 0.03 0.27-4.20

T4 TOTAL 168 64.5-142.0

FREE T4 26.33 12-22

FREE T3 5.25- 3.1-6.8

Anti thyroidperoxidase ABS 445.9 <34

Anti-thyroglobulin abs 37.7 <115

Vitamin D 41 insufficient 25-50

Vitamin B12 864

Serum folate 29.36 10.4-42.4

If these blood results reflect what was going on about 6 wks ago then I was slightly over medicated & have since dropped my dose of levothyroxine. I'm now on 125/150.

However I was wondering why I still feel tired? Could it be down to my vitamin D?

I did try to take it a while ago, but it made me feel awful. Do you need to take it with magnesium citrate?

I still can't lose any weight either, yet my T3 doesn't look too bad!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.


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An insufficient level D on its own will make you feel tired. Take it with vitamin K2 and magnesium.

How much D are you taking?


Hi Bluebug , thanks for your reply. I'm not taking any. I gave up after it made me feel awful.

Is that magnesium citrate? If so what strength?



What brand of D where you taking? Surprisingly you can get it as tablets (with fillers in them) or as gel capsules.

Yes it's common to feel terrible while taking them hence the advice to take magnesium and K2.

In regards to magnesium you should take the RDA as the rest you can get from your diet as too much apparently has laxative effects.


Thanks that's very helpful. I was taking Solgar 1000 in gel caps.



With a level that low you really should be taking more.

You could try and see if your GP will prescribe you some D by giving them a copy of your results. (Younger ones and women seem more clued up.)

Alternatively see if one of your local independent pharmacists has 2,500IU or 5,000IU tablets / gel caps then take 5,000IU per day. If you get them from a pharmacist they don't need to be a branded make as the pharmacist needs to sell something that works.

Boots, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett don't sell higher dose supplements. Indie pharmacies either sell branded D or generic D. Generic is cheaper but both work.

I forgot to add feeling bad while taking them is due to your bones remineralising. If your level drops any lower you could end up in severe pain with no tablets due to demineralisation and then when you start taking them due to remineralisation to correct the deficiency .


Can you take vitamin D, magnesium, K2 & B12 together?


I do and I've not read anything that says they interact.


Thanks for your replies Bluebug. So is normal magnesium ok or magnesium citrate?



Magnesium citrate is the best absorbed so you should stick to that.


Ok thanks for all your help Bluebug.



Hi Sandy 12,

Thanks for your reply. About 6 wks ago, I think I may have been over medicated because I had raised levothyroxine a bit too much & I could feel something was wrong so I lowered the dose & felt better although not completely right. The blood test was done with Blue Horizon & they said my T4 & free T4 were high making me hyperthyroid which I know would have been correct. I still need to sort my vitamin D out. Next job on the list.

Thanks for your input.



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