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Need help with results

Hi I went to my GP last week to get some tests and here is the results minus the Vitanin D as still awaiting that result. 

My TSH 0.21

       FT4 16.9

       FT3  4.4 

       Vitamin B12  479

        Ferritin  166.

        Foliate. 6.6 

Doctor said no action required as this is all within the normal range !!  Could someone on here that is more clued up than me as I can't loose weight for love nor money 😬 Also not had results from the TPOA  antibodies test back yet 

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Do you have the ref ranges (figures in brackets after results)?


No that was all the receptionist gave me!! She said my GP looked at them and said I was within the normal range 😩😩


And that's on 100mcg of levo?

If the ranges are the common ones used you could probably do with either a raise in levo - back to 125mcg - or the addition of some T3. 

But that would probably suppress your TSH and make your doctor decide to lower your dose again, even though suppressed TSH isn't a problem. Which I guess is what happened before...


I have been told that I don't require anymore 

Levo! I was lowered from 125  a few months ago but to be honest no matter how high the Levo is I still can't loose an ounce of weight and that is with eating a very healthy diet and walking for miles most days with my dogs 

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I know exactly how you feel! Ever since I started on these meds the weight has just piled on and I can't lose it. I too walk the dog and try to eat well. Before I was ill I was completely fine but now I'm bloated all of the time and none of clothes fit. :( I hope that we both get there soon! x

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