Old blood results .. As it a correct diagnosis ??!

Hi I wonder what you lovely people would think of these results ?? In 2005 I was diagnosed with thyroid toxicosis with TPO antibodies and two nodules on my thyroid 

I was treated at the hospital with carbimazole and my thyroid came back under control and I felt well endo said I would eventually go hypothyroid which is what happened a year ago .. My question is after trying to learn about hypothyroidism and help from my dear friend who has done lots of research these blood results don't  look like hyper results ??? Your feedback would be most welcome 

TSH 002 .. Sorry don't know the ranges it was in 2005 

T4 21 sorry no ranges 

T3 3.2  sorry no ranges 

TPO 1000 

Thanks in advance xxxxx

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  • Just to clarify - these were the results before you were put on carb??

  • Yes they were but don't have the ranges :(  X xx

  • Lynwinn,

    We'd need to see FT4 and FT3 ranges to determine whether they're within range or over.

  • Yes they were .. Just curious at GP this morning and he printed all my thyroid results and in 2005 I was treated for thyroid toxicosis and I saw the red results on the screen but unfortunately haven't got the ranges :( must have been over range but looking at T3 thought maybe it was a conversion problem not hyper ? Main thing is I got better with the meds :) .. I did have all hyper symptoms under a endo at the hospital xxxx

  • Lynwinn,

    Red flagged results must have been abnormal/over range ie hyperactive. 

    If you had a conversion issue FT3 would have been low in range, or below range.

  • Thanks clutter was a little worried I took medication and I could have had a conversion problem ? Can't remember if the hospital did RT3 and unfortunately don't think this website was around then :( I did speak to Lyn Mynott and I did have a FNA on the nodules :) ..after speaking with my friend she thought maybe a conversion problem ??.. and not hyperthyroid ?? Problem is no ranges :( will look back on some of my old tests to see if there is a range ?? Thing is they seem to change the ranges like the weather :( But the main thing is the carb worked and like you say if it was wrote in RED must been right ?.. I doubt I would have got well if it was a conversion problem and not hyperthyroid ??? Xxx

    Thank you for your help XXXX 

  • Lynwinn,

    If you were taking Carbimazole without being hyperthyroid you would have felt and become  hypothyroid very quickly.

  • Thanks clutter I have posted my ranges for that year .. Looks like I was hyperthyroid and have been worrying over nothing :( ..trouble is you just can't trust these doctors with thyroid :( .. And the ranges change all the time :( 

    Didn't think of that the carb took months to bring my thyroid down .. Sorry for wasting your time xxx. Xx. X

  • I think you can trust them more with hyper than you can with hypo. Somehow, they seem to see that as more of a problem.

  • How true .. When I was hyper it was easy to get well .. Even though they said when you go hypo it will be easier WRONG !! I would rather be Hyper than Hypo xxxxx

  • Hooray I've found the ranges for 2004 thyroid .. FT4 ..9-19

                                                                                        FT3 ...1.2 - 2.8'

                                                                                         TSH 0.25-5.0 

    Looks like I was hyperthyroid after all phew xxx

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