Blood results, T3 advice & pregnancy

Just called for last weeks thyroid results.

FT4 19.7 / TSH 1.19 / T3 2.0

Sorry don't have ranges! Bit worried my T3 is low is it not? Raised my levo 2 months ago (125mg) due to pregnancy. She also gave me results for haemoglobin 129. Do you think It is worth mentioning T3 meds or wait until I've given birth?

I've already been to the docs last week with really bad palpitations which she said I might be over medicated. Bit confused by it all. I've left a picture with previous results as well as new ones.

Won't let me add the photo so I'll write them.

16/7 FT4 18.1 - TSH 2.58 (100mg)

14/8 FT4 20.2 - TSH .89 (125mg)

16/9 FT4 19.7 - TSH 1.19 - T3 2.0 (125mg)

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  • Muffin, I can't tell without the range whether FT3 is high or low. Endos seem to take women off T3 during pregnancy, so I doubt your endo will prescribe it. TSH 1.19 is in the low-normal range 0.4-2.5 recommended by BTA for pregnant women during the first trimester, and FT4 19 is in the recommended upper range.

    Impossible to say conclusively that you are not overmedicated without FT4 range, but I think it's unlkely as most go up to 22.

  • Can't believe I forgot to ask the ranges. I did get t3 before and the range was 3.1-6.8 don't know if it's the same now but I'm so annoyed I forgot to ask. That's what made me think 2 is pretty low as last time it was 4.8

  • Muffin, ranges change periodically, so it could be fine. There's no guidance that I've found on FT3 levels in pregnant women. They focus on TSH and FT4.

  • In July it was 4.8 now it's went down to 2 which worries me a little. Especially now I'm expecting.

  • Muffin, if the range has changed, the result will have changed too. FT3 2 in a range 0-4.0 would be half way through range, equivalent to 4.8 being half way through range 3.1-6.6.

    If it will allay your concerns ring the endo or path lab to get the ranges, but I don't think you will be prescribed T3 while you are pregnant.

  • Oh right nthanks clutter. I don't think they will either but I'm just a bit worried about it if it is low. I may ring tomorrow and get an appt with my gp

  • Ring again for the ranges, Muffin. Don't worry what they think of you - this is your health and your baby's health. If that FT3 is the normal range then a dose increase might be in order - I think you could stand to increase by another 25mcg of Levo.

    How many weeks are you now? At some point, the baby's own thyroid hormones will start propping yours up, most likely. :)

  • I'm 15ish weeks. I don't think I could handle another increase. When I raised it before I have had really bad palpitations and getting really out of breath. My heart feels like it beats out my chest sometimes. The doc checked my heart last week and said for a resting period it was beating fast. Personally I don't think they will do anything about it if it's low

  • Muffin, the foetus will have developed her own thyroid at around 12 weeks and will have stopped nicking your thyroid hormone so it might be making you *feel* overmedicated, although your levels don't indicate it.

  • Yeah I didn't think my levels did either but I didn't think of that the baby would be stealing it lol.

  • Muffin, your baby's going to steal nutrients too, so get your ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate tested after the birth. Ongoing deprivation will be sleep and peace of mind until baby leaves home :-D

  • Lol I will do. I think I need them checked anyway and once I see my midwife again I will be getting her to give me the ok to go for b12 injections to my doc as she doesn't want to do anything until I get her say so.

    I'd just like to thank you clutter! You always answer my questions (I know I ask a lot🙈) sometimes I just feel like everything gets on top of me and no one can tell me how to fix it.

  • Muffin, it's my pleasure, and you don't ask too many questions :)

    Your GP ought to know that the demands of pregnancy mean you need the B12 injections more than ever.

  • She does admit she doesn't know much about thyroid things. She always bloods me for anemia but because my b12 of 347 was in range they weren't doing anything. I told her everything I had researched and she said she would consider b12 injections as long as she gets the OK from the midwife I'm sure she'll do it as I'm very persistent with it lol.

  • Hi clutter. I just want to say I've made an appt for

    My endo tomorrow to discuss my thyroid and I'm a bit nervous. Any advice ?

  • Muffin, not really, I don't think there's anything wrong with your TSH and FT4 so its the FT3 which is worrying you and endo should be able to reassure you about it.

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