hi again doctor wont do t3 blood test so just did the normal thyroid test and iron... Can anyone tell me if you can tell from results if I will need t3 before I go private...I started taking vitamin d for about a week now and feel like I have more energy and I'm not as tired some days..also juice plus rep told me there's a few people with underactive thyroid have used it and are losing weight anyone tryed these this?

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  • I'm all in favour of improving your vitamins & minerals.  Get this right and you may not need T3.  Glad your vit D is helping.

    I've googled for juice plus - reps are trying to sell their product, so don't believe everything they say.  It seems to me that concentrated capsules can't give you the fibre which is an important part of eating fresh veg and fruit.

    Post your blood test results for comments.

  • Meal replacements are gimmicks.  Even if you do lose weight, as soon as you return to 'proper' eating you'll just put it back on again.  At worst you could damage your metabolism.

    If you want to lose weight but struggle on a 'normal' diet take a look at the lchf (but not at minimum carbs)/wahls type regimen (other diets are available).  Wahls is a high nutrient modified paleo type diet that will supply you with all the vitamins and minerals you require but starts off in an elimination phase to try to eradicate common food sensitivities, it also carters for special diets.  The saturated fat in the lchf diet is known to stimulate the thyroid so may improve how you feel.  They both remove all processed sugars & most if not all starches and bulk up with vegetables.  You should never be hungry if you do either right.

    What can be told from TSH/T4 results is dependent upon the figures and, as Anthea55 said, you will need to post them to get an answer.

  • k will look that up thank you just phoned doctors results are passed on to him so need tiring tomorrow usually means I need to up them when they are passed will post tomorrow

  • is lchf, you can look around at all the basics, including recipes, and pick up tips for free.  But to get to some of the stuff you have to pay to be a member. Dr Wahls is a bit more complicated because you have to buy a book but you can still look around the site

  • You can't really tell if you need T3 without testing the FT3. Although, if your TSH is still high and your FT4 is also high, it could just be because you aren't converting properly.

  • greygoose is right.  If your TSH is fairly high, say higher than 2.0, and FT4 is high in its range, then chances are you need T3 to bring that TSH down.

  • I read somewhere that Juice plus is to be avoided. That it does more harm than good. Had to laugh. It was recommended to me by a doctor I'd told I was allergic to brassicas. He thought I stood a good chance of taking them like this!!! 

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