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Blue Horizon Pathology Points

Blue Horizon Pathology Points

Hi Everyone,

Paul here, I hope you all had a good Easter!

I just wanted to give you all a bit of an update on what we're doing now and how we're trying to make using Blue Horizon Medicals for Private Blood Tests a bit easier and also more rewarding...


Firstly, you may have noticed that back in December we updated (Our Nuffield access site) - this made it a little easier to navigate on a mobile. Although the Thyroid options are limited on this site, we hope to have some new thyroid profiles there within the next couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted!

Secondly, we have just updated (this is our Spire access site) - we have the same great profiles on there as before, and there are 6 Thyroid testing options available.

Both of the above sites of course include phlebotomy (At either Nuffield or Spire).


Another feature that both of these websites have is the ability to earn Pathology Points® - this is a new loyalty points program we have started - with each blood test that is purchased through these sites you will earn Pathology Points - the amount you can earn with each test is on the individual test page and can vary.

At the moment, you can only earn and spend Pathology Points on the above websites. We hope to be upgrading and including soon, as well as so that you can also earn and spend points on these.

The good news is that you will be able to have ONE ACCOUNT LOGIN that you can use across all of the websites - you'll be able to keep track of your orders across different sites, and keep track of your points too.


You can earn Pathology Points by...

Ordering tests through the Nuffield and Spire access sites outlined above.. (And other sites later this year)

Referring friends, family, colleagues, forum members etc to us by following a referral link once logged in. Their account will be linked to yours and you will automatically earn points when they place an order.

Follow the referral links for facebook - if anyone creates an account from your link you get Pathology points when they first place an order


You can choose to redeem your pathology points against any order once in the checkout. You can pay for up to 50% of the order with Pathology points if you have enough in your account, AS WELL AS using your TUK10 coupon code to get a £10 discount.


View all orders across all websites

View Pathology Point Balances

View Lab results and Doctor's comments (not yet but coming soon)

Send us questions relating to and therefore linked to specific orders

The account can be in your name - you can also include family members in your account as additional patients.

If you are a practitioner the account will be in your name and you can place orders for your patients.


We were hoping to get the postal kit site up and running by the first of May, but this is now unlikely - it's a complicated web build and we want to get it right - but of course the old build still works perfectly. Functional but a bit ugly!

I'm really looking forward to getting everything on the same system to enable us to serve you all better.

Even if you only order postal kits, you could still earn some 

I'm sure I've left some bits out so feel free to reply on this thread if I have so everybody can benefit from the answer.

Best wishes,

Paul Harris

Blue Horizon Medicals.

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Thanks, Paul, for all the updated info.


Thanks sounds good


Thanks, I appreciated these posts to keep us updated. As I'm still very ill I find it difficult to rummage around and keep up to date with my own research; I just make sure to let ThyroidUK wash over me most days and some sinks in. 

I recently bought a Thyroid plus ten following your last post, and plan to have thyroid plus 12 in a few months. It was very useful to read about them here. 


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