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I recently asked for information on how to obtail a adrenal stress test. Many people answered for which I am very grateful. Blue Horizon was recommened. I noted that one of the responders was. Blue Horizon Medicals, who offered a £30 discount with code THYCOR. I have just ordered the test, but no where could I add code for discount. Also, their site is so confusing, I don't know if they will be sending free containers for saliva or if they think I want blood tests. Also, I have no clue if VAT has been added; what cost has been billed or why, one of my responders only paid £85 for the same test bearing in mind a £30 reduction from £129 does not equall £85. Feeling a bit stressed by this. Good for the old adrenals, eh?

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  • Blue Horizon have just emailed me saying my blood test will be sent out to me asap. I ORDERED A SALIVA TEST. These people are a shambles!!!!

  • I think maybe you didn't check Other Fluid Type from the Delivery Method drop down list was showing. Or it's a standard automated acknowledgement email and as it's a saliva test you ordered the they will send the appropriate kit.

    If it's wrong, just contact them and they will rectify the mistake. They are very good.

  • I have used them and I called them up instead of online. They are very helpful . I made a mistake and they refunded me promptly.

  • Blue Horizon need to get their act together.

  • I find Medichecks website much easier.

  • Steviecat,

    Contact Paul Harris

  • Too late for me, bantam....

  • The only adrenal test I can find on the BH site states quite clearly that its a blood test. But under the distance selling regs you can simply cancel, and return the kit. I note that they seem to have fallen out of bed with ThyroidUK so not sure what is going on there.

    As far as I know Genova are the only company doing adrenal saliva profiles in the UK. They only work with practitioners (mine was done via a holistic doctor) but I was under the impression that you could have it done via ThyroidUK. Worth writing to them.

  • Ruthi

    Blue Horizon 4 x saliva cortisol test

    6 x cortisol saliva test

    Genova testing through ThyroidUK

  • Ruthi What makes you say BH have fallen out of bed with Thyroid UK? BH are still listed on the TUK website as they always have been.

    I know Medichecks have very recently come on board with TUK too, and have been offering lots of discounts. But I thought that was just the usual competitive marketing thing... which is not necessarily a bad thing as private thyroid testing is clearly a lucrative business now.

  • Well, that was what made me think the relationship isn't what it was - medichecks were always there, after all. Plus BH don't seem to be here any more.

    But I might be wrong.

  • Paul is still a member here

    I think the change is just that Medichecks have only just started donating to TUK, whereas BH always have done.

  • steviecat If the £85 test you are referring to is the one mentioned by Cottage223 then she said she used Smart Nutrition and they are a 'practitioner' and send them to Genova. I mentioned in that thread:

    "Smart Nutrition use Genova, theirs is GEND01 "

    On Blue Horizon's page for the 4 x adrenal test for £129

    If you click on Order Now it takes you to the online order form and the first line says

    Salivary Cortisol x 4 ............. £129

    The line underneath says


    The line under that says

    Coupon Code

    And you enter THYCOR in that box

    Next is Delivery Method - click on the drop down list and click on Other Fluid Type (because you don't need blood or home phlebotomy visit). They will send the appropriate containers in the kit.

    Next is Payment Method - click on it and choose card or PayPal

    Your total amount will show at the bottom of the form, it should be £99 with the discount code added, and that is what they will take.

  • Smart nutrition emma wells



    4 part adrenal test

    My results back 19 th April

    Hope this helps

  • Had results today

  • Hi Sea

    Many thanks for your reply. I didn't get any of the options you mention in your post....

  • steviecat Were you on the correct page? The first link in my post was the correct test - 4 x saliva cortisol test £129

  • Not sure, Sea. I have cancelled my order now. I thought I'd done everything right, but Blue Horizon's site is not user friendly. I am grateful for your help but will try someone else.

  • Have looked, yes I was on the correct page :-)

  • I have never been on the Blue Horizon site so can't help you with this ...although I know there will be many members that will come to your rescue. I completely sympathise with your frustration though when trying to navigate a simple order and payment! happens to me all the time he he! When you've got it sorted out and your stress levels are back to normal - I would drop them an email and explain the difficulty you had. It just might prompt them into looking at simplifying their page.

    Best of luck!

  • If I was you I would call them, they are EXTREMLEY helpful over the phone. I had my Thyroid+12 done with them and that was a bit confusing to order online, sorted it out and spoiled discount over the phone

  • another scam we have a lot in australia. stress tests yes long term stress causes all the problems we have plus growths on the gland involed with stress i have 4 small ones which are checked for any changes about twice a year learning to let go and learn to relax live a simple life that suits you,making changes in your life that need changing ir you cannot to that accept and do the best you can learn to love yourself as well as as do do evreyone else, no pills or drugs can do that so let nature do its work ,

  • Yes phoning is the best way forward- they are v helpful.

    I did use Geneva tho for my adrenals and it was one of the best tests I paid for.

    Yes you can influence some stress/ illnesses in your life but sorry I don't agree - nature does not do it's work when you are really ill.

    Adrenal issues are serious but can be fixed with help and the appropriate medication/ supplements.

    Good luck with the tests and post on line your results if you need any information.

  • Thank you everyone for replying. I admit I was in a somewhat desperate frame of mind last night when all this started. I was certain that I'd done everything correctly, but it just didn't work for me. However, having said that, I have had an offline conversation with Paul from Blue Horizon. I feel somewhat ashamed as he is obviously a well-meaning and genuine guy. He has resolved my problems and has not taken my rudeness to heart. On that basis, I am going to back-track and recommend him to everyone. I know, what a turn-a-around, but Paul is such a helpful bloke. I also know that they are working on a new website, which should be up in a couple of weeks. What more could you want?


  • I

  • I find that lately their emails are difficult to understand with the discounts offered. I thought it was just thick old me but I see others are confused too which is comforting. I find Medichecks easier to work with.

  • Good evening TUK,

    Thanks for all the comments above regarding our postal kit site. I myself have been unhappy about the user experience that it gives for some time now, but I am pleased to announce that we should have a new site up within the next couple of weeks that we've been working on for some months. It's been great to receive your feedback, I'm very grateful, thank you.

    It's good for members that Thyroid UK have another blood testing organisation working with them as the prices to consumers (you guys) will be better in a competitive marketplace.

    I don't believe we've fallen out of bed with Thyroid UK at all, the more in bed the merrier! We will happily continue to support them and support you as their members as we have since 2011.

    Have a great week,

    Paul Harris

    Founder, Blue Horizon Medicals. ☺

  • Good luck with your new site Paul, I have used Blue Horizon on numerous occasions with no problems whatsoever.


  • Good luck - you do need this all fixed!

  • I used Blue Horizon for a Thyroid and multvit check, the write up they sent back was slated by people on another forum. Would def use Medicheck in future

  • Yes, good luck, Paul!


  • I just did a 9am cortisol blood test Inc GH (growth hormone) too. Worked for me

  • I had a LOT of problems with them recently. Underwhelmed to say the least. Although I did eventually get my thyroid and adrenal results. Will look elsewhere next time.

    UPDATE - feeling mean today. I also had personal contact with Paul Harris and yes he did seem to be a great guy, and yes he did sort everything! Better late than never I guess ...

  • Looking good...

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just a follow up on this thread, thanks for your patience, the two weeks turned into two months but we're finally there with our new postal kit website.

    One of the major differences is that we're now sending kits out directly from Blue Horizon HQ in order to improve user experience and take responsibility for more of the process.

    Message me with your order details and I'll make sure we pop in an extra promotional pathology point chocolate coin for you. ☺

    Paul Harris

    Founder of Blue Horizon Medicals.

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