Black and Blue Friday - Free Tests, Free Chocolate!

Black and Blue Friday - Free Tests, Free Chocolate!

Hi Everyone,

Just want to give you all the heads up on our blue friday offer which is launching today!

Add Magnesium as a free test with our postal tests


Get a free nurse visit from our home test site


Get double free tests at London, Nuffield or Spire.

AND - get a free yummy bar of organic chocolate (nut free) sent out to you from us here in the westcountry.

Full details at

Any questions please let me know!

Have a great week,

Paul. :-)

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  • Hi Paul,

    If I get a Thyroid Plus 12 including RT3 does that include a free nurse visit with this offer?



  • Hi Anne,

    There are two options here for you

    1. You could go to, pick the Thyroid Check PLUS 12, (Not forgetting to grab your free magnesium and chocolate of course) and then select "Nurse visit £45"

    2. Visit then pick the plus 12 from there. Pick another test and you can have the nurse visit foc in the basket.

    But... I'm going to create another code for you..... one moment....

    Right, if you go to and choose a thyroid check plus 15, use the coupon code tuk15 then you can have the nurse visit free of charge for that one. I've allowed 10 uses of the coupon only for Thyroid UK members..

    Hope this helps,


  • Paul - can I order and pay for this now and do the test in the new year? I was planning on that and I want to use the nurse home visit option with a Thyroid Plus Twelve. That timing would be best for me as I've just done the Thyroid Plus 3, before you launched the nurse home visit scheme.

  • Hi Susie,

    No restriction on timing of when you take the test. But we'll send the chocolate to everybody at the start of December with your permission!


  • Oooh brilliant, - correct reply, thank you :D

    Chocolate welcome any time, no permission needed :)

    Your link in reply to Anne above under option (1) doesn't seem to work.

    I've got the Blue Horizon Medicals site up, put the Plus Twelve test in the basket and I've added the Magnesium test and the Nurse Home Visit. Total is showing as £273.35. How do I get the offer of free magnesum test and the chocolate. It's showing the magnesium test as £89.35.

    I don't mind which way I do it - free magnesium test or free home nurse visit.

  • Hi Paul, I've had a blood test ages ago and my GP in jersey said aren't l lucky that I didn't have thyroid probs. Loss for words

    l've always been UK size 6/8/ max 10 even after having kids..l dont eat junk food, don't drink coffee, l drink max of 2/3 glasses of wine each year, dont smoke,don't eat red meat,eat fish,poultry, veg, salad, lentils. Honestly I haven't changed my eating habits, if anything even healthier/lesser. Today I'm size16 which is shocking to me. l ache all over, swollen feet, aching, lethargic, foggy brain, tell me something, can't remember 5min later, my gut is painful all the time, loss of appetite, some times l can go on a few days without not eating to heal my tummy so less pressure to work to digest food in it, hair loss, sudden huge weight gain, don't like bright lights, summer time; l hate the most, the heat, the light, longer bright days, mood swings, sometimes severe runs which doesnt cause weight loss, sometimes severe constipation lasts 6/7/8 days, sleeplessness till 5/6am pretty much everyday; stress is upto my neck. Most people who know me hasn't seen me has a shock when they see me, I'm even hiding from my parents haven't seen them nearly 2yrs now, I've a 11yrs child, l avoid all parents &teachers meetings (not cause I'm a bad parent, cause I don’t want kids to say to him "your mum's fat"..l don't want the teacher's to think "good God, you must be sitting on your backside allday" I really don't, I can't say to people l've thyroid probs,my doctor said l don't. I really would like to find out what's wrong with me. According to my research it could be hypothyroidism, hasimoto, or autoimmune disease.. l'm only 47 yrs old. Not that old, my parents in their 70s healthier than me. l can't be crumbling at this age..l've 2 kids depending on me. We've been dragged by my husband to Jersey in the channel islands to work here but he's no longer with us (divorce), is it possible to get a blood test done from here ? I just want to be fit & healthy again & find out what it's wrong with me, get it sort it. I hope you say yes we can help you..jools9

  • Hi Jools,

    I can't help you here as I'm not a Doctor, but I'll pass your comments onto the Blue Horizon Doctor for you - if you could just inbox me your email address so that we can reply in confidence.

    Best wishes,


  • Thx so much..where's the inbox? Or do I just write it here

    Hugely appreciated.. jools9

  • Hi Jools, just inboxed you - look out for the orange notification next to your username.

  • Hi Paul,

    is this offer still available?

    Thank you lucylocks.

  • Hi Susie,

    Sorry, I only put the details in the link..

    Purchase ANY blood test over £50 and get a

    Free Test for Magnesium (Serum)

    Place any paid blood test in the basket worth over £50, add magnesium serum and apply coupon code bluemag to get the Magnesium Test free of charge.

    I've just tried it and it works succesfully - let me know if you have any further problems.

    Good luck,


  • Oh geez Paul, just ignore me! I had an email with the details, hadn't read it so hadn't put the coupon code in!

    All sorted now and ordered :)

    Many thanks.

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