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What are the symptoms of low B12 and D?

Further to my previous post (thanks again for the replies), can anyone tell me what the most common symptoms of low B12, D, folate, ferritin and iron? (459, 39.9, 6.9, 102 and 12.5 - in that order)

Following the comments I've started supplementing (yesterday) with D3 (25 mcg) and B (B-100 complex, containing Bs 1, 2, 6 & 12, plus folic acid and others) tablets from Holland & Barrett.

I haven't seen the doctor yet (appointment's next week), but I seem to recall seeing something on here previously, saying aching muscles and tendons can be caused by low D. Is there anything else I should be looking out for? My main problem (as you may have guessed) is my Achilles tendons aching, though for years I could pull a muscle just sauntering along the street when in no particular rush.

It's only been a day since I started taking the tablets so no change yet, though I have noticed my pee is bright yellow! It looks like I'm dehydrated, though I know I'm not. Presumably this is the B-100 complex, as they have a yellow tint to them. Is this the tablets? Is this a sign of overdose (I only took one)? Is this just because I've started taking them and they are helping my body clear out all the rubbish that's been building up for years and is a temporary thing?

Any comments or suggestions greatly received.

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Yellow pee is usually caused by the riboflavin in multivitamins or B complex and is nothing you worry about - your body excretes any excess water soluble vitamins.

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency:

Symptoms of B12 deficiency:

The biggest problem is that a lot of the symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies overlap so it can sometimes be problematic finding root cause, especially when the thyroid is involved as thyroid and vitamin/mineral deficiencies often go hand in hand.


Achilles_Pain, sorry I can't comment on symptoms, I'd have to Google them. But can I comment on your supplements.

You may want to think about getting better quality ones next time. The H & B B Complex contains B12 as cyanocobalamin, you would be far better off looking for the Methylcobalamin B12 - see and scroll down to Solutions for Vitamin B12. It also contains Folic Acid which is the synthetic form, look for folate which is the natural form. Thorne Basic B Complex is a good one. You could take the B12 separately as a sublingual lozenges such as Solgar or Jarrows.

The bright yellow pee is down to one of the B vits (might be B3, not quite sure) and nothing to worry about.

The D3 doesn't give any information about it. It should say cholecalciferol. It needs to be taken with some kind of fat or the fattiest meal of the day and also needs to be taken with K2 as they work in synergy. Vit D3 aids the absorption of calcium and K2 directs the calcium to the bones and teeth rather than the soft tissues (such as arteries, organs). Something like Doctor's Best D3 is cholecalciferol plus extra virgin olive oil (the fat that's needed) only, no other unnecessary items. You can also get a combined D3/K2.


good advice


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