Do I take the vit D and calcium or not?

I've just been told my vit D level is 12 - but my GP says it only really needs to be treated if it's under 10! I told him I'd read some information from Barts (seen on someone else's response from Moggie) and anything under 30 is deficient (normal is 81-220). He said doctors were split on this and some incuding him believed anything under 10 was treatable but otherwise nothing really needs doing. However, he knew I wasn't happy so has prescribed me vit D and calcium and I'm going picking up the prescription tonight - he says I've got to take 3 a week for 12 weeks then have a blood test. Trouble is, on this website it also says that calcium together with vit D is prescribed for elderley patients in care homes yet my GP says he giving me both because of my age - 52. Don't know what they are yet and whether I should take them, but I'm feeling more and more unhappy with this GP's diagnosis. He reduced my levothyroxine from 175 to 100 at christmas - 'to experiment' as I had complained once again that I didn't think levothyroxine was treating me in the best way. He has just rang me on a telephone consultation to tell me I'm in the normal range and don't need my levothyroxine increasing and to stay on 100 mcgs a day - I wish I'd never gone to him and just stayed on the 175 a day as now I feel worse than I originally did and 1.5 stone heavier since xmas plus aching bones and muscle weakness (I've asked for the results and was told I could have a print out which I'm also picking up today) - I'll post these when I get them. It seems the more help I ask for help the worse it's getting?

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  • The endo I saw did a vit d test, and mine came back at 47 and the doc insisted I had to gave supplements as it was seriously low

    Unfortunately the vit d combined with calcium have given me chronic headaches. It us common for the vitd to be prescribed all in one with calcium, even ug there is nothing wrong with your calcium levels.

    Ann xx

  • Thanks for your comment Ann, I'll watch out for the headaches! xx

  • I was Vit D deficient and my GP at the time prescribed the 400iu with calcium. My good endo rolled his eyes and I bought some from Amazon instead. No calcium in them just Vit D3. Sometimes it is just not worth the fight.

  • Hi,

    Mine also came back at 12. I'm on fultium 800iu x 4 a day for 12 weeks. This is vit d3 by itself no calcium. This is from the dr on prescription. I had to have another blood test before the start of treatment, another at 2 weeks in and another at the end of 12 weeks.

  • I have read that to increase Vit D to upper range of normal, which is what you should aim to be, you should take 3000-5000iu for a period of time and then retest. To increase you Vit D naturally you would have to eat 2.5 portions of tuna, drink 50 pts of milk and eating an enormous amount of eggs a day. Don't know if that is true. I have bought a sublingual spray 3000iu on amazon as mine was very low as well. The uptake of sublingual spray or drops is much better than tablets and just a little worse than injections. I will ask GP to retest i 3 mts.



    Try that for starters and google 'Vitamin D deficiency protocol + where you live". You might be able to find the protocol for your area. 12 is seriously low. Depending on the units, deficiency cuts in at 25 or 40.


  • My vit D level was 38.4 originaly. After 3 mo9nths on vit D from Healthy Origins on Amazon, it was 90. Pains went away.

  • Hi Several things. Corrected calcium out of range is very dangerous. You need a calcium blood test first. Re test both after 3 months, D takes that long. D puts the calcium up. This idea of taking both is NICE`s recommendation, not a good one in my opinion. If calcium above range then no matter what D is it has to be reduced and then if no better stopped. Calcium is an electrolyte.Thyroid essential for the correct treatment to have TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested. Always have a print out ,any bloods with ranges, most vary at different ( even NHS) Labs.Depends on the assay.If you need treatment with T3,if FT3 not near the top of range, then that helps the weight, other symptoms and slightly lowers the tSH. You also need B12 and Foliates tested, iron/ferritin. Diabetes, glucose and if pos Hb1Ac, better test. Hormonal and autoimmune, to start with similar symptoms to thyroid disease.

    Best wishes,


    Not sure if you know ,to reply to a specific post, click on"Reply to this" under their post.

  • Thanks for taking the time to comment Jackie - I've added my results further down and would love to get advice re them?

  • I have Graves and I am on Carbimazole, 15mg per day. I am fine except weight gain,itchy eyes and thinning hair. If I get stressed I quickly lose the plot and can't take even small decisions things become very black instantly. I would really like advice about weight gain and hair loss.

  • Hi Revsie, I've no idea how to do a link, but if you google Barts Vitamin D Guidance, then you will come up with a fab article on Vit D.

    It has a chart that clearly states Vit D should be over 80. Print it and send or take to GP on next appointment...............x

  • Thanks boo16 - the Barts info is very good and I will def print this off and take it with me next time I go to see my GP

  • There is so much more known about the importance of Vitamin D regarding infections, balance, even cancer. With sunscreen use and living in northern hemisphere, we do not get enough sun even if we can convert it into vitamin D which is a hormone or prehormone. We need high doses of Vitamin D3 and now it is often combined with K2 for best application. I'm sure there is a video on this site about this.

  • Thank you to everyone who's responded, I'm very grateful for your knowledge as the more I learn from everyone the more i can use for ammunition in my battle with my GP!

    Well I've got my results now and am vey disappointed as they seem very inconclusive to me? I can only see a TSH level which is 0.56 mu/L with no t4 or t3 levels showing? My GP says this is in the normal range and therefore will not change anything. My vitamin D level is 12.8ug/L and my serum calcium is 2.39mmol/L and corrected serum calcium is 2.43mmol/L but I've been given colecalciferol capsules 20,000 units and been told to take 3 in one go per week for 12 weeks then go back for a blood test. I'm feeling very uncomfortable about this as it doesn't look as though my calcium level is low and so I'm scared of taking these tablets? My b12 is 2858 ng/L and folate 6.7ug/L, serum ferritin is 45ug/L so I've bought myself some vit b12 today from Holland and Barratt as I think the b12 should be higher? Am I going down the right route here?

  • Hii Unike most tests calcium the same everywhere. Top of corrected calcium is 2. 55 but a small range. Only the corrected calcium matters, if the Lab only do one test, it is corrected calcium but usually they do both. It takes 3 months for D to be at optimum. It is probably OK to take this, it is NICE recommendation, there has to be a good medical reason for a GP to go against this and just give D on it`s own. I think probably just for 3 months it would be oK. However if it was me, I would not want to go any higher. The other thing is that no other consultant ,even rheumy are allowed to look after vit D , they have told me and I have also seen their reaction when asked, not my field etc, even though it effects all the main organs and yes, low can cause cancer etc, but no where near as dangerous as high calcium.,except an endo. Ideally it should be an endo, as hormonal and needs very complicated care to be right, ie not as simple as it appears Is it possible for you to see a good endo, ?find one first ,then ask GP to refer you. As you know, you need T4 and free T3 tests for a proper treatment of thyroid. Most endo`s inisist on that. Some GP`s will no longer do it, cost. I was originally only diagnosed on low Free T3, so I feel strongly about it.B12 and lots of other things are endo, in fact a huge range of expertise, not just thyroid and diabetic.Largest and more general knowledge than any other consultant because of their field.

    I hope this helps.Essential to have all the ranges for any bloods, nearly all different at different Labs, the assays cause this, but so long as you have the range for the right test and Lab ,not a problem . You can get bloods on line, if Gp not helping. Diabetes also very important, symptoms to start with similar to thyroid disease and it is autoimmune and hormonal too.

    I hope this gives you some ideas, as you gather it is complicated, the most important thing is to have a good doctor ,who you can trust and has the knowledge you require.

    Bes wishes,



  • Hi Jackie

    Just been reading over this again and will think strongly about asking to see an endo. Will research first to see if anyone knows a good one in my area (OL2) and then take it from there.

    Thank You x

  • Hi I should, they deal in all this and huge number of all things, also do all the tests you need etc.Most like T4 and Free T3 as first choice of meds.Endocrinology is the widest branch of medicine, a GP may even be good but is very specialised, it is common ,so they often think they know all about it.Make sure one you find, not the GP and then ask for the referral. Most important is a good listener. Lots of ways to find details, if stuck get back to me. I find all my many consultants myself, and have learnt from some bad ones, never let the GP choose and if not "comfortable" start again.!

    Best wishes,


  • Cholcalciferol is fine it does not contain calcium - it is just Vitamin D3, which is the vitamin you need.

    The B12 from Holland and Barratt: were they methylcobalamin or cyancobalamin? It is the methylcobalamin that you need - subligual (under the tongue) as they go directly into your blood stream. Jarrow or Solgar are both good (Amazon) x

  • wow, just shows how confusing it all is!! .... I thought going off the name that it contains calcium but so relieved if it doesn't as i'm eager to get things going?

    I'm looking at the b12 but can't see what they are. Sorry if I'm being really thick, it just says vitamin b12 500ug. They are tiny little tablets and it says to take one or two daily with meals but doesn't mention putting them under the tongue? xx

  • They are not the best ones as B12 via tablet form is nigh on impossible to absorb from the stomach.

    If your level is that low, you need methylcobalamin and I would go for the 5000 sublingual, at least until your levels are way up - 800 to 1000.

    Look on the back of the bottle, probably very small print and I think you will find that it state cyancobalamin x

  • thank you so much boo16, I've just bought two bottles as well!!! ..... by the way my GP says my level is normal and no action needs to be taken. Thank goodness for this site or I'd spend the rest of my life feeling bad and not knowing I could do something about it? x

  • oops ..... I mean my b12 is 288ng/L not 2858ng/L as previously stated!

  • Your GP needs to go back to med school! I pity his patients but maybe the department of health should contact every GP in the UK to inform them of findings of the scientific studies. I can send you a Vitamin D presentation if you'd like me to - I use when I give talks on the subject. You do not need calcium if you are getting enough in your diet. Vitamin D helps towards absorbing vitamin D from the gut so you don't need extra. Regarding your replacement - have you thought of asking for a trial of T3 alongside your thyroxine? (it would have to be reduced according to the dose of T3 you were prescribed) Please feel free to contact me if you need any more info. Barbaraj

  • thanks Barbaraj, yes please to the Vit D presentation, knowledge is power and all that .....

    Yes I feel like that as well about my GP and he is the 3rd one in the practice that I've been to! All 3 of them seem to be uninterested in going further into exploring thyroid treatment which I find very strange.

  • Hi, I have been vitamin D deficient for several years and have Hashimoto's, My Gp told me they cannot prescribe Vit D without the calcium, however I told her I was not happy taking it with calcium so she researched for me and I buy Vit D3 alone from Holland and Barratt and take one daily.My vit D levels have risen nicely but do not actually feel any different.

    I would suggest thinking carefully about taking with the calcium and try and make an informed decision best tailored for your own health. Hope this helps! X

  • I've been told now that this medication is just vit D and not calcium so am much relieved and therefore took my first dose yesterday. x

  • Hi Revsie, take a look at the following. There's loads of info on this issue online to help you then draw your own conclusions.

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