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Blood results UK help please

Hi these are my latest blood results can someone help me .total thyroidectomy 4 years ago due to graves have been taking 200mg of levothyroxine and feel like crap latest results are

B12 324 ngl/ (160.0-800.0

Tsh 0.26 mu/l (0.3-4.2)

T4 24.7 pmol/l (9 0-23.0)

Serum iron level 10 umol/l (7.0-27.0)

Calcium 2.12 (2.15-2.6

Corrected serum calcium level 2.11 (2.15-2.6 )

Serum vit d levels 50.0 (70.0-150.0

I just feel so crap any help understanding these would be great oh and I also take fulcrum 800 capsules once a day because my parathyroid went along with my thyroid thank you

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I think you would benefit from some T3 added to a reduced dose of Levo. Do you have a decent GP who will either prescribe or refer you to an endo, who can prescribe it for you. I had TT eight years ago and struggled on just Levo. It does not replace what your natural thyroid gave you and relies on being converted by your body into useable T3. The best way to go ahead is to ask your GP to test your free T3. If this is low in range, or even below the range, you can be sure you are not converting well and taking direct T3 will make a big difference. When you have results, post again here, with the reference ranges so members can advise.

Are you taking your fulcrum tablets several hours away from your Levo, as I believe they can hinder the conversion process? Best to keep at least four hours apart.

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Thanks for replying yes I take fulcrum tablets at lunchtime a long time after the levo I will go and see the doctor about t3 she a good doctor better than the endo at the hospital thank for your help x


B12 is low.

The European and Japanese safe limit is 550ngl. The UK and American safe limit is about 150 ngl which has been recognised as dangerously low. If you are an American or in the UK you are in trouble because you won't get a proper diagnosis of B12 deficiency. If you can't get treatment I advise buying B12 supplement, about 500 micrograms a day, otherwise you will feel ill.


hi what is fulcrum i have also had a thyroidectomy and my parathyroids removed, i take calcium 500mg daily


Iodine is critical for thyroid dysfunction

And especially if yours is removed

Kelp supplement (I use powder and for better absorption) may help as only apiece

Of your solution


These results are troubling. Your vitamin D is dangerously low from the new understanding of this prohormone needed to prevent infections, even cancer. When your FT4 is over range, you have to find out what is happening to it as it either becomes Free T3 (good) or reverse T3 (bad). You should have a FT3 test. Your iron is on the low side so I would like your doctor to explain these results and what to do about them.


Your iron, calcium and D are extremely low, b12 is low too. All this could make you feel unwell, although, when i raised mine to normal levels, i still felt was my thyroid meds that were the problem. If your doctor isn't pushing hard for you too raise these, then i would find another doctor, because i doubt they will help you with your thyroid meds. Your ft4 is way too high and i'll bet you aren't converting to ft3 well. You should ask for a reverse t3 and ft3 and if you can't get them , lower the 4 and add some 3. You may have to do this on your own.


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