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Hi, would love your advice please. My ferritin level never goes beyond 30 (typical range over last 10 years= 16-29) despite taking floradix or iron supplements and my B12 remained unaffected by mega doses of B12 supplements until I injected. I'm assuming I have an absorption/gut problem (because I eat eggs and meat regularly too) - and I'm unclear as to whether this is all tied in with the thyroid condition, and if so, which causes which??

Following earlier suggestions, I'm now taking betaine HCI pepsin (thanks), and wonder what you think of glutamine which I've also been taking? Also, can iron be taken last thing before bed - I used to take it 1st thing until I learnt about the 4 hour rule (& split my medication into an hour before breakfast and an hour after lunch, is this OK?)

Many thanks

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whats your folate level . Folic acid is important for the manufacture of red blood cells . If you are deficient in this it will affect your ferratin and B12 levels


hi, it's 10


if the range is 4,5 to 45 thats a bit low try adding a little folic acid in. It will help you absorb the others xx


oh, Ok. Many thanks, shall do so


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