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Iron overload-Haemochromatosis+B12


I know that we need B12 and I've been taking a supplement for several months.

It has recently been suggested that I have Iron overload and I'm wondering if it would be ok to continue B12 and it wont have any adverse effects

Totally confused about bloods and having trouble concentrating to read complex articles so a yes or no would be appreciated

Thank you for reading and good luck in returning to normal health

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Sorry I do not have the knowledge to help :-( Hoping something in the link above may prove helpful :-)


NHS will test for haemochromatosis (transferrin saturation and ferritin) - which is iron/ferritin as you know and nothing to do with B12. Haemochromatosis is usually genetic and the treatment is to give blood (or have a lot of blood tests). It is a serious condition. I've seen recommendations to avoid vit C (as it aids iron absorption) but not B12. You still need folate and B12 (and iron) to make new red blood cells.


Thank you so much for that information. Thats just what I wanted to know

Great, I can resume my B12

Best Wishes


Many thanks will take a look


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