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Update labs & contacts (DE)

Update labs & contacts (DE)


Ferritin 74 ng/dl (22-291)

Folate 11.9ng/dl (3-17)

B12 873 ( >=200)

Total t3 104ng/dl (50-170)

Ft4 1.0 ng/dl (0-1)

Tsh 8.92 (0-5)

IGg/IGa .25/.25 (<=90/<=90)

V/D hydroxy 32ng/dl (20-79)

Positive for Tpo/ab and tg/ab

Dry eye:

Got contacts 2 weeks ago. Now wearing almost all day. Apt tomorrow for checking rx and fit. Rx slightly off but knew that as fine tuning multifocal and modified mono vision (l/r eye respectively) lenes sitting slightly high but dr wanted to see if they would drop since I'd been w/out for so long. So far no 'scratched cornea syndrome '. Doing hot compress at night and taking omega 3 (1 capsule - pure excipients)

Dr agreed to above tests and attempting to rule out food sensitivities because of bowel issues ( which they know I think are related to the synthroid).

Still no symptoms but do think I'm reacting to excipients-again. Attached the tsh chart cause it doesn't seem to make a difference where the TSH is!😱At the highest I felt the best since I'd been off the Mylan/levo for 3 weeks and hadn't started the synthroid yet!

Internist 'normal' bloods. Waiting to hear from endo.

In my ongoing investigation, I've discovered abstracts/research regarding age related TSH values and still trying to find out more about macro TSH.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions?

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Regarding the contacts - What sort of work do you do? And when/where do you wear them?

There are some situations regardless of health which makes wearing contacts more problematic. For example if you work in front of a computer your blink rate decreases which means your eyes are drier. Also some work places/home environments have air conditioning or central heating which really effects the eyes as the environment is very dry. You are generally advised not to wear contacts in those situations, or to use wetting drops and take 10 minute regular breaks to look at something else in the room.


I'm retired and have worn contacts since I was 10 years old, now 66. I have worn them for everything - skiing, swimming, riding, - everything. I didn't own a pair of glasses until October of last year - first in am and out at bedtime. My 'scratched cornea syndrome' started about 7 days after beginning mylan/levothyroxine. If you want a more complete history re my hypo journey look at posts under phirestar. I posted this because I promised an update when I got the new lenses.


That's a bit strange. Your FT4 is at the top of the range but your TSH is nearly 9. You felt best when your TSH was over 12. As you say, there's something a bit odd going on. Maybe the antibodies are affecting the results in some way. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon.


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