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Labs interpretation please?

Hi wonderful group. These labs showed finally my T4 raising a bit. Even though theFTs are missing this time. Endo thought it wasn't needed for some reason. I just wanted to know as a bird eye if you think I am healing indespite the FTs lacking. (Im providing my anterior labs to notice my T4 and others to show the evolution).

Labs 07/06/2016. I left 12 hours from the last NDT dosage for this Lab, and I've been on 3 grains of NDT + T4 50mg + 25 mg of T3 for more than two months and a half for this Lab also.

TSH = 0.01 0.40-4350 (mIU/L)

T4 = 5.2 4.5-12.0 (mcg/dL)

TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, MALES (ADULT), IA= 490 250-827 (ng/dL) (the testosterone was this time a bit in the middle in comparison with my latter one because "I think" it was because I didn't put the entire 0.8ml but 0.6 ml instead)

I think the adding of the T4 is counting since it's raising finally my stubborn T4. Even though I got slightly shaking hands as always.

-Do you guys think I should keep the same dosage while healing my LYME and adrenals? or just reduce a bit?

Let me show you the latter labs.

Labs Collected: 05/11/2016 10:17 ( I was on 3 grains plus 25 mg of t3 by the time I took these labs, so since on May 2016 I dropped to 2 grains + t4 50mg of levoythyroxine and nothing of T3 to reduce the high T3)

T3, FREE: 5.3 High 2.3-4.2 (pg/mL)

T4, FREE: 0.9 "normal" 0.8-1.8 (ng/dL)


Labs Collected: 05/03/2016 09:34 =

*THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODIES: 26 high range: < or = 1 IU/mL


Labs Collected: 03/29/2016 09:31 (took thyroid-s 2 grains am/pm; T3 12.5 am and 12.5 pm the day before)

FT4 0.8 range: 0.8-1.8 ng/dL

FT3 4.1 range: 2.3-4.2 pg/mL

CORTISOL, TOTAL = 8.9 mcg/dL (blood test)

Reference Range: For 8 a.m.(7-9 a.m.) Specimen: 4.0-22.0

Reference Range: For 4 p.m.(3-5 p.m.) Specimen: 3.0-17.0

Labs Collected: 11/18/2015 09:41

T4 (THYROXINE), TOTAL = 3.0L (low) 4.5-12.0 (mcg/dL)

T4, FREE, DIRECT DIALYSIS =0.8 0.8-2.7 ng/dL

FREE T4 INDEX (T7) = 1.1L 1.4-3.8

T3, TOTAL = 98 76-181 (ng/dL)

T3 UPTAKE = 36H 22-35 (%)


TSH =0.01 0.40-4.50 (mIU/L)

Thank you


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xanderusa - curious as to whether you feel that your thyroid meds are working and whether you noticed any difference with them when taking MMS.

Sorry, can't answer your questions but I also have Lyme and my T3 meds no longer work. I was unable to take MMS for long, now realise why.


Well, to be more exact I have experiences a very subtle difference. My weight keeps the same, I still feel tired but not as in the past of course (I assume it is because Lyme and/or adrenals). However, I did have noticed a difference after MMS. My knees doesn't joint that much, my back pain has gone even though still have stiff neck all day. Lyme could inhibit T3 and other medicines as well as pituitary problems. I encourage you to retake your MMS again. It takes time. Around 6 mo-1 yr but it DO works for sure.


Thanks xander, it's sometimes difficult to know what's causing symptoms! Are you saying that you don't feel so exhausted or do you actually have some energy? I do want to take the MMS again but currently having investigations done for gut issues which I suspect were responsible for causing such a reaction. What time of day do you take yours and did you experiment with timings?


I actually have more energy than in the past certainty. I take my medicines in the morning and my MMS let's say around 4-6 pm. I confide 100% in my MMS will cure my problems. Actually today my knees pain is very mild. :) If I were you I would come back to MMS.


xander - thanks for such an encouraging reply. That sounds a good time to take the MMS so will definitely bear that in mind. Will start taking it again but only once I've finished with investigative gut procedures. Good luck and hope you continue to do well.


I don't know what effect Lyme has on antibodies. I am bothered by seeing your TPO and TG antibodies elevated, though not dramatically so. This scenario reminds me of myself, where a modest elevation over decades did major damage. Have you done anything WRT allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, whatever) to see if there is a contributing dietary factor? Antibodies are frequently associated with poor gut function (e.g. I had celiac), which will negatively affect digestion and pull your nutritionals down, including Total Blood Protein. Have you had any eval of general pollution, like heavy metals?

We can debate about what values of TSH are OK, but ... I have twice come across a meta study which claims that TSH<0.04 has long-term negative effects. I can't get my TSH down to 0.01 without feeling hyper. Do you find you feel calm/relaxed with TSH=0.01? My general impression is that you could be "forcing" your body a bit with a high dose, that is, your body may not be making the best use of what you are giving it. Do you have any idea where your rT3 is? By way of comparison, I'm a male of average weight (165) who was able to get my TPO/TG antibodies down near zero, and have had time to build up my nutritionals. I do quite nicely on T3+T4=15+62 mcg daily (that's all). This puts me at TT=586 ng/dl (240-950) and FT=11.7 ng/dl (3.3-12.2).


You are not bad in your numbers. Well, according of what I've read having a TSH 0.01 is shouldn't be taken into account since it's normal while on NDT. Actually I have had this TSH at that number since I started taking labs. It hasn't moved from that number. Otherwise, I don't know how to raise that TSH.

And I assume my body is not taking the best of this high dose because of the LYME. I think when LYME is cleared let's see if I have to lower my dosage.

I'm 5.9" and 179 pounds.

I think LYME do has to do a lot with the TPO/TG. I took a celiac test and gluten sensitivity and it was negative. I am trying to do the gluten diet even though just to see if the numbers drop a bit and they did. However, i bought LDN recently just to see what happens.


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