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Some help needed with results please

Hi, I was diagnosed with hashimoto around twenty years ago and got along fine till last couple of years . I am on 300 levothyroxine ( have been for all that time). Last year I was really ill and I have improved but still have Al the common symptoms. I have seen a different gp this evening and he has agreed to do tsh tt4 ft4 ft3 tpo tgab b12 ferritin folate vit.d and cholesterol. He did say the lab may refuse to do them all.

I also managed to get last 2 blood results as follows


Tsh 0.13miu/L (0.35 - 4.7)

Below low ref limit

FT4 19pmol/L (7.8-21)


Tsh >100miu/L (0.35-4.7)

Above high ref limit

FT4 6.4pmol/L (7.8-21)

Below low ref limit

I really don't understand results yet new to this forum

I would be grateful for any help

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Welcome to the forum.

A TSH of over 100, which you had in November last year, is spectacularly high for someone taking 300ug a day of Levothyroxine. It makes me wonder whether you are absorbing your medication, or whether you are taking some other medication which is interfering with it.

I hope someone else can advise - I'm not much help here. I hope you get your problem resolved. There is lots of good advice here and many very knowledgeable people on this forum.

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Thankyou for your reply , I'm hoping blood tests this week make more sense. I'll post when I receive them now that I've won the argument over being allowed them!! GP wasn't impressed that I had been doing some research he told me that the Internet is full of dangerous people and ideas . Yet he didn't seem concerned just said may need to increase dosage


Oh and i don't take anything else at all.


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