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Hypo, seeing consultant tomorrow, please can I have some advice!!

Diagnosed hypo 8 months ago, I'm on 75mg of thyroxin and I've just had my most recent blood test results so that I can take them tomorrow when I see consultant. I am grateful for any advice please on my results. Saw Doctor today who was useless, I said that I still feel terrible, tiredness, brain fog, hair loss and she wouldn't increase my dose!!

TSH 2.43 (0.35-4.94)

FT4 14.4 (9.0-19.0)

Tsh has improved as when I was diagnosed it was 126.43

Serum calcium 2.27 (2.03-2.45)

Serum 25-hydroxy vit D3 63.0 (>75.0) below low ref limit

Auto antibody 957 (<5.61)

Ferritin level 21 (10.0-204.0)

B12 520 (187.0-883.0)

Folate 7.4 (3.1-20.5)

Is there anything I should ask consultant??


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Hi You need vit D, hormonal ,effects the thyroid,also iron/ferritin. Diabetes, hormonal autoimmune. Endo should do these.More importantly you need the FT3 tested, if not high in range, try and get some on a script with the T4, thyroxine. To have both thyroxine and T3 is the ideal but some docs will not precribe it. If not happy with Endo, next time check this with the secretary before you go. If not happy , always ask for a re referral of your choice.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie, thanks so much for your advice, I'll ask for my FT3 to be tested, to be honest I know it's a long time to get sorted out but I'm just to sick of being tired and slurring my words, I just want to feel normal again!


hi there 'country girl ' .... great advice from Jackie ... but you need to insist on f3/f4/ferretin/tests AS WELL AS TSH done at the same time [ these are done from the same blood samples ] ......this will give the FULL analysis of your condition and more importantly HOW TO TREAT IT EFFECTIVLY to your optimum level [ we are all different after all ] ....just always remember you need to insist on your rights at all times ......LoL alan


Hi Alan, thanks for your advice, I think your right, we just need to stick to our guns and insist on the being treated fairly and properly, I'll try and be strong!! It's just annoying when I see the doctor and can't remember what I'm supposed to say.


why not try to take the advice that I have for the past year'ish from the good people on this site......and put what you need to ask or question down on a list [ damn good thinking methinks ===it worked for me====] and insist that you will NOT leave before YOU ARE satisfied .....I more than most know the full effects of 'brain fog'----it only comes with old age----and never ever forget don't try to be strong YOU ARE STRONG and you prove it every day.......LoL....alan kim and the nsllo xx


Thank you for your kind words, I will definately try to be stronger and not give up with the drs! x


Your auto antibody is hugely off the scale it is supposed to be less that 5.61. This suggest that you have an autoimmune problem which may be Hashimoto's thyroiditis but may also suggest that there is another autoimmune problem. Many of us have more than 1 autoimmune illness. I would want the consultant to explain the high auto antibody level as a matter of urgency.


Hi, I mentioned about my antibodies to the dr today and she didn't seem bothered about it, thanks for what you said I will mention it to the consultant, because I've been worrying about it for a while, it's not normal is it for there to be so many of them, surely.


You could look at the ferritin and T3 and T4 on this list. Yes, the antibodies are destroying your gland so I don't understand why they shrug that off. T3 is supposed to bring those down if you can get it.

Your adrenal glands are also part and parcel with thyroid conditons quite often but the saliva test is not done through the NHS.


You need to be supplementing iron, vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D. Getting all of these to optimal levels will make you feel so much better, but don't bank on getting help from the NHS on any of this. You may well have to buy your own supplements.

Yes, you need your FT3 tested so you can get a full picture of what is happening with your thyroid, but with a TSH still over 2, many patients would feel the need for an increase.

Good luck. Come back and let us know how you get on.


Hi Countrygirl, Sounds like you are getting good advice. I noticed though, that no one has mentioned Selenium or Magnesium. Selenium is especially important as this helps the thyroid. Magnesium also helps to give energy along with the supplements and vits mentioned above.

All the best



I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all their brilliant advice and knowledge. I have seen the consultant for the first time today, he was really kind and listened to what I had to say, he was concerned about the antibodies and so he sent me to go for blood tests there and then, which was brill, they did a test for my adrenals, vitamin deficiency, checking me for rhematoid arthritis as I have pain in my wrists, and did full health check etc. He has increased my dose, having one day 75mg thyroxine and 100mg the next day and I'm going to see him in 4 weeks for results and see if I feel any better. I'll ask him next time if I can have extra vit d, iron etc. just remembered he said because I have antibodies there is more than likely another auto immune process at work. He also said i might be having an early menopause so he tested for tht too, (im only 36!)He said as well what a lot of people on here have said that he is looking for my TSH to be a 1. I feel pleased with how the appt went, hopefully I will finally get sorted out, fingers crossed!!


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