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quality controls of Thai NDT?

I have a (perhaps naive) question: is Thai NDT safe? We are often told that the EU, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, have stringent quality controls in place, but what about countries like Thailand...? I have been considering ordering Thai NDT, as all the products available to me have either been reformulated (for the worse), or cost twice, even three times, as much as before...

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theCat346, the Thai NDT isn't subject to the stringent pharmacopeia regulations that Armour, WP, NatureThroid and Erfa conform to. It is widely used and I'm not aware of any safety issues relating to it.

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That is what I have heard as well...that it seems to work extremely well, that many users love it and swear by it, but that it is not as strictly regulated as the European/US brands...I have not heard of any safety issues either, so it seems safe.

I take the Thai one and haven't had issues. Which one are you on Nicolas_cr?

There are (at least) three Thai makes.

Having seen a small number of very disappointed purchasers, I do wonder if some people have not received the same product as others. I have seen far, far more happy users.

As it is not permitted to identify sources here, it is somewhat awkward to discuss this usefully!

I spoke directly with one of the Thai pharmacies via email and they refused to tell me what was in their product. That's all I needed to know in order to never want to trust it again. The product might be fine (and I was fine on it for a number of years) but I no longer trust the company.

Just my opinion.



With all the problems related to NDT in recent years - Armour reformulation, alledged Erfa reformulation, prices going up all the time - it's very tempting to try Thai, no availability issues. But, of course, it's worrying that they won't reveal the content of their product...I know that Thyroid-S contains aluminium, and that is enough for me never to want to try it. It's a shame, because it does contain a time-release substance, and I think that can be an advantage given the T3 content...

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I have found the Thai companies quite open about their ingredients. And practices. Check <removed by admin> and you can find ingredient lists.


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The site you mentioned doesn't have ingredients and says:

Is there a list of ingredients for Thyroid-S or Thiroyd?

No, unfortunately these products are not covered by patent protection and the manufacturers have decided not to release this information. There is some publicly available information on the Stop The Thyroid Madness® website!

As much as I've been tempted to buy from Thailand I wouldn't for the same reason . The American companies have tighter controls and you know exactly what's in it ! It's a shame that comes at a higher price but I don't feel I can take the chance as have been so unwell and need to know what I'm taking .

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Amanda, can I ask which brand you take?

I take WP thyroid ( westthroid ) made by a reputable company in USA . I picked that one as it seemed to have the least fillers .

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All medications have a standard regardless of their origin.

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I fail to understand what that means in the context of this thread.

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