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Re Blue Horizon Home blood tests

Just a heads up if you have ordered a home test recently the labs have changed their computer system and as long as the blood bottle has a bar code on there will not be a paper referral slip. The documentation in the cross over period doesn't reflect this. Went to take my blood test this am but thought my kit incomplete had to phone blue horizon to find out.

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Hi Everyone,

Right ho, just got back from speaking with the lab. I'll write a full post later but essentially vacutainer kits will be sent with a referral form (to please the people taking the blood) but Microtainer fingerprint kits won't need them.

Instruction forms will differ so Microtainer instructions won't refer to a form and confuse the hell out of everybody.

This is part of a global rethink on our postal kit service, aiming to make the process as easy as possible.

Apologies cjr from all at team blue,

Paul Harris

Clinical Director

Blue Horizon Medicals


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