fighting the doctor re hypothyroidism

so I went to see the doctor this morning as he told me previously my tsh levels were FINE. but I'm still getting all the symptoms of hypothyroidism I've was diagnosed 6 years ago and have been on100mg a day since. I went in with an open mind as I've had many battles with the doc over this . I asked him to refer me to a thyroid specialist. ..well you would think I just robbed his house..why do you want to see one I've told you its fine I'm the doctor your looking for something that's not there. ..blah blah blah reply yes you are the doctor but this is my body and no one knows how it feels better than me.. well after an awkward 5 minutes he did yet another blood test to test tsh ...oh my god and he wanders why I want to see another doctor. .no t3 or t4 tests as aparrently you don't need it ..I had to stop myself laughing in his face. well I refused to move till he listened to me . so on return of the results he will look into reffering me. will look forward to next Monday for another battle with the doctor. why is it do hard ..All he keeps asking is if I suffer with depression. .well had had to stop myself from saying not till I walked in here..why is he trying to have me committed instead of helping me.

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Save your energy and self medicate with NDT. You cannot educate them, they don't care and never will.

I have to agree with Bluedaffodil here. I had a similar problem with my GP and although he agreed it wasn't his "area of expertise" (aka knowing nothing) he did refer me to an endocrinologist who was as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I've been self medicating with NDT since September and haven't looked back since.

What is ndt ?? self medicating scares me a bit incase I get it wrong..But then again I can't be as bad as the doctor.

NDT = Natural Dessicated Thyroid. There are a lot of people on here self medicating and I think most of us were a bit daunted before we started, however there is plenty of good advice both on here and on the web on how to get started. And it's definitely better than being beholden to a useless GP who can't be arsed to take you seriously ;)

Here is a good link.

2 grains (which is equivalent to 120-130mg of T4 contains around 75mg of T4 and 18mg of T3 (t3 is 4-5 times stronger than t4). This varies on the manufacturer of NDT.

I think NDT has a ratio or about 4:1 of T4:T3 but the human gland has a ratio of 5:1 and get the rest of the T3 by the T4 to T3 conversion.

A ratio if 4:1 even though a little stringer on the T3 side is better than 4:0, and that is why most people feel better on NDT than on T4 alone.

FWIW I am in the same boat and am getting a homeblood kit for £99 and test myself. Will increase 1/2 a grain a week and on each increase, will see how i feel at the end of the week. If I feel i need more I will increase it by 1/2 a grain again.

Then when i feel i am in the "right place" i will probably get retested.

RLC labs thyroid you can get for around 50-60 dollars for 100 tablets. Not too expensive

I live in East Devon,and was told by my GP thismorning that they do not do any thyroid profile testing on the NHS, only TSH.

As I gave blood 1/2 hour before my appointment, so they already had my blood, that I could not take it away, despite all my symptoms for private testing.

He said the endocrinology department at Wonford Hospital, Exeter have had only one case of T3 below the range in 23 years!

I said that when I was tested in America, where they found my T3 was below normal range, as well as the TSH being high at over 4, and he said "only in America".

So I have had to spend £100 on a self home test kit from Blue Horizons. I have some WP Throid 2 grains, here at home, bought in the states for $55 (100 tablets), if I have to self regulate which is looking extremely likely.

I have self regulated before and had to whilst on Armour Thyroid with Dr Skinner, which he allowed me too do. Going up 1/2 a grain every week. I felt the best between 2-3 grains, so I will test myself again in 6 weeks or so, when hopefully I am feeling better.

Rant Over :)

It is such a battle isn't it. My TSH has been high for several years (above 5) but not quite high enough for the NHS (10) and Ive lost count of the times Ive asked to be tested or see an endo. Ive even changed GPs and surgeries but get the same answer from them all. They all think I have depression and have several times been prescribed anti depressants. I just want to give up on them all and self medicate.

What amazes me is they are quite happy to refer us to psychologists and give us anti Deppressent when we tell them symptoms but tell them your having symptoms with your thyroid and they don't want to know. why is this such a problem. anxiety and depression is also another symptom. treat the underlying cause.

There is probably more money to be had from prescribing meds for anxiety and depression etc. Not only that but being hypothyroid can cause other problems which they can prescribe meds for separately. like me being sent to obesity clinic for bariatric surgery or prescribed orlistat or trying to give me blood pressure meds etc. Instead of one med to level thyroid hormone. There is no money in well people!


what is a grain equal to, I find this difficult to measure? thanks

I think 1 grain is 1 60mg pill. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

The precise milligrams used as equivalent of one grain varies between 60 and 65 milligrams. (The exact conversion is about halfway between 60 and 65.)

We see traces of grains in the measurement of things like aspirin - a 300 milligram aspirin tablet is actually five grains (using 60 milligram basis).

I wasn't far off then :-)

Thank you, now all I have to do is find some doctor to prescribe it

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