A big thankyou RE: Carbimazole

I managed to get an appointment to see my gp today to talk about the Carbimazole i had been prescibed by another doctor

I took all my infomation i had printed out so i was prepared but i didn't need to worry i showed him the medication and he looked at my notes and with his head literally in his hands he said i should never have been prescibed it and to take it back to a pharmacy

He apologised a few times too and now recommends another blood test in 3 months

I am so relieved it went well and i want to say a big thank you to you all for all your help and advice

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Well, that's a relief! At least one doctor at your surgery has some knowledge about treating thyroid conditions.

I do hope that when they have their meetings to discuss patients, that your case is brought up and the doctor who prescribed Carbimazole is given the opportunity to do some extra training on hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism (gosh, I really had to restrain myself from writing something naughty there :D )

Great news but did you ask him what is going to prevent this happening to another patient?? Will the doctor receive thyroid training?

Thank god for that! :)

I have reported it and my gp was so mortified not only that i was wrongly prescribed the medication but that the other doctor did not read my notes properly, he even showed me how easy notes were to look at so it will definitely not be swept under the carpet and i really hope that means it will not happen to anyone else

Glad it’s sorted. It’s hard enough trying to get the right treatment for thyroid disease as it is, without adding carelessness or stupidity into the mix.

That is very true and it worries me how people without access to the internet and this forum get on with their treatment

My bottle of Carbimazole came without a patient leaflet so i had to look at it online

We’re you even warned (or given a card) about stopping the tablets and getting a blloed test asap if you developed a sore throat ?

The doctor did say about a sore throat or a rash and to read the patient leaflet for the side effects

And to tell a gp straight away if i developed any of them

That’s something I suppose - so long as you had the patient leaflet !


That's a relief. I'm glad your own GP knows what he's doing.

Thank you i am too

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