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Re:- Blood tests for Free T4 and T3

I went to see an Endo last year in July and was told there was nothing wrong with me, even though my Genova private test results showed that there was and that my one adrenal gland was exhausted. My doctor would not take any notice of the test results and would not treat nor even trial me on any medication, so i asked to be referred to another Endo for a second opinion which i was given and i went to see him last Wednesday 22nd May, lo and behold when i went in to his office it was the same Endo i saw the first time but at a different hospital, he was not happy, nor was i, but he sent me for the above blood tests and i was told to ring on Friday the 24th of May for the results of the blood test, so i rang and asked for them and was told that i cannot have them and that i have to wait until the 27th of July 2013, when i see the Endo again and he will give me the results of my blood, that is nine weeks away and as i feel so very ill i want to know my results now, do i have the right to demand the results or have i to wait nine weeks. I do not have a GP as i have lost all faith in them as it was my doctors negligence that caused me to have one of my kidneys removed and with it went one of my adrenal glands, all of the doctors i have seen want to put me on anti deppresants. I know everyone on here is trying to cope with their own problems, but i do hope someone will be able to point me in the right direction. Thank you and bless you all.

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You most certainly do have the right to see them:

Though I warn you, it could take some time to get a request converted into a piece of paper in your hand.

Depending on where you are and the systems in place, blood test results might appear straight in your records so a GP would be able to let you have them. This is NOT universal. And I take note of your not having a GP but this might make it seem worth getting one for a while.



I cannot help you with that one but can fully empathise.

I recently had blood tests which my Psychiatrist said are normal. When I asked him for copies he said No! So I said that I need them to get my levels checked for a second opinion and advice as I know the Lab ranges are not set to give optimal health. He then said he can't as I would have to see my GP and could ask for a referral to a Endoctrinologist. I was then given four results only, so he is with holding mine from me.

I am registered with A GP however cannot attend because it is too stressful.for me to even think of going after the shocking treatment and attitude.

Regarding records I requested mine and although I got copies I know they are not all there!!!

It is ironic that there is a get out clause for them and that is they can remove any they deem unsuitable for the patient to see if it could put either the patient or professional/other at their opinion.

I know my records were scrutinised by the GP as Lo and Behold when going through the medical record copies what did I find ? Unbelievably there was a paper report/record for another patient detailing the telephone consultation of said GP and Patients Father "as it was regarding a baby" There was also a prescription for another patient which I am sure she must have been looking all over for after it was misplaced in my records.

There was also quite a few recordings of miss statements of actual discussions in appointments.

To me it seems unless you are not a yes Sir and no Sir type patient they can say anything about you in your record. I was this type of patient until after seeing my records.

I can't believe you ended up seeing the same Doctor! Can only imagine how shocked you were!

By With holding them from you it appears that he is going to maybe treat you based on them.

I would phone your GP and ask to get your appointment brought forward and insist on copies now.

Good Luck


Hi It should not but does make a difference if Lab not known to the doc. I always use Blue Horizon for this reason as their Lab called TDL is the main one used at all the private hospitals ,so we known. Never had a problem with that.

Best wishes,



Contact the hospital trust, ask to speak to the patient liason officer, and gently and positively point out that they are breaking the law. It is a HUGE offence for you to have view of anyone elses notes and the trust could be fined.

You are entitled to the results within 20 working days. The hospital I dealt with took over 7 months to send the notes to my solicitor, so good luck! Your hospital may have a website detailing the complaints procedure, so tell them you are going to make an official complaint if you are not given your results within the 20 days. They do not like official complaints as this has financial implications.

As you asked for a second opinion, seeing the same doctor means that this did not happen and you are still entitled to see someone else. I know you probably do not feel up to "making a fuss" but the hospitals and GPs rely on this, so try and muster the strength to contact them and see how it goes.


These reports are truly dismaying regarding the lack of interest in treating patients. That is just plain mean to hold you off until July. jacaranda's story is also a horror.

Could you state what your results were from Genova? I wonder if they have some recourse for you. I realize they can't tell doctors what to do but I wonder if they would substantiate that their lab ranges are accurate enough to call for some sort of treatment when tests prove out of range. What good is a lab if there is no way to get treatment?? I wish that we could call these GP's to the carpet who refuse to diagnose and treat or even discuss a patient's symptoms. My heart goes out to you and I wonder if some of these are legal issues. Maybe a few should get together and form a class action suit. These things should be exposed and it seems it is a quiet secret only known to the victims.


Hi Exeena

My endocrine surgeon wouldn't let me have the pathology report for the removal of my cancer in February this year and seemed surprised that I would want such information when he had removed the tumour. He gave me my blood test results but I'm not happy so, I rang the hospital and they sent me a form to fill for them to then send me the information. They told me that I would be charged per sheet of paper because I am still under their care. There is sometimes a charge of £10.00 if it is more than 40 days since you left their care. I have filled in the necessary form and I am awaiting their reply. Hopefully, it will arrive soon. Why don't you try the same tactic? It's worth a try and it shouldn't cost too much.

Good luck.


Hi to everyone, hope you are all winning the Thyroid battle. I would like to say thankyou to each and everyone of you who replied to my questions, you are all very lovely people and i am so glad that i found this site. Thankyou and God bless you all. Xeena.


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