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Doctor requested another TSH test - any point right now?

I don't know why, but my doctor (actually, not my doctor, I don't even know who has requested it!) has asked me to go in to have another TSH test done (I doubt it'll be any more than the TSH , but you never know your luck). The last one they did was March. As far as they were concerned - my TSH was normal (and we all know what they means) so I have no idea why they want to do another one.

I've been self treating for the past few weeks with NDT, and I'm currently up to 2 grains. Is there any point in having them do another TSH test at this stage? They don't know I'm self treating, and I'm not optimally dosed yet so the result isn't going to be very helpful? Should I postpone the appointment, to give the NDT a bit longer to kick in? I was going to do my own using Blue Horizon again when I feel I'm taking enough, but it would obviously be nice not to have to pay for it if I don't have to!

Also - do I tell them I'm self treating? The results might look a bit confusing if not?

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For what it's worth Sip, I'd have the test just to see how your TSH has improved and then have a full thyroid panel when you feel optimally medicated or in 3 months. If your GP wants to discuss the results I would tell him/her that you are self medicating but if you are just given the results with No Action required I'd wait until you next have a GP consultation.

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If the TSH has gone down - which I'm assuming it will have to some degree - do you think that might prompt them into discussing the results? Or would they just look at them, see them as 'normal' and not think anything of it?

I plan on writing to my GP when I feel optimally dosed - and I've been on it long enough to know it's working properly. Once I've got that in writing, I'll make an appointment to see my doctor - as ultimately, I'd still like them to support me. I'm hoping that my improved results at the point, and fewer symptoms (and a happier, healthier me!) will be enough to persuade them to prescribe NDT!!? Which is of course, what they should have done in the first place.


I think they will just look at the TSH and decide no further action is necessary.

I would get a copy of the test and you can compare it with your original one. Clutter's suggestion is good.

I doubt they would prescribe NDT on the NHS but they may give you a private prescription, unless they are afraid of being reprimanded.

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I wouldn't tell them if I were you, but then, I swerve as many blood tests as I can as I think they are useless.


No I'm thinking I won't bother - at least not yet anyway. I already changed the appointment time as they booked me in for lunch time, and I've changed it to as early as possible (8am). When I did my own blood test, I did it at 6 am.


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