I need help

I am on 150mg of levothyroxine yet I feel so tired all the time and depressed and moody. my head feel heavy all the time suffer from IBS

last test I had a week ago

test results

testosterone 13.6 nmol/L

serum sodium 141mmol/L

potassium 4.5 umol/L

serm creatinine 75 umol/L

HDL cholesterol level 1.05mmol/L

non HDL cholesterol 3.03mmol/L

red blood cell RBC count 6.57 10*12/L

mean corpusc. haemoglobin MCH 24.8 pg

serum ferritin 59 ug/L

serum TSH level 2.6 miu/l

serum free T4 level 21.8 pmol/L

can someone please explain to me this as all the doctor said test again in 3 months

in feel totally depressed and tired all the time have no energy

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  • Mogamed, do you have the range (figures in brackets after results) for FT4?

    Results can't be interpreted without ranges but ferritin 59 is low. Optimal ferritin is >100 to halfway through range. You could supplement iron and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

    If you have the ranges use labtestsonline.org.uk to see what low/high values of your test results mean.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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  • Guessing at the ranges, it looks like free t4 is probably ok, but tsh is raised. Most usual reason for the raised tsh and feeling hypo is that the t4 isnt managing to convert itself into t3( the active hormone)

    You really need your free t3 measuring to confirm this and its probably easier to pay privately than try to make the doc see sense. I know you can get free t3 on its own i imagine its about £60 but you can get a full profile from blue horizon for £89. See the testing on the home page... thyroiduk.org.uk

    The remedy fow low t3 is check and suppliment selenium, take t3, liothyronine, or move over to Ndt.

    Xx g

  • You can get full thyroid profile done for£24 in tooting medical centre....London....private polish clininc but they do all the testing .....and it's more affordable

  • Do you mean this place:


    Or somewhere else?

  • this one is an nhs place, so don't think that's it

  • Wow,,,£24,,, how come no one has mentioned this before? Is it new?



  • thanks

  • thanks

  • Wish i had known - does this include t3?

  • Yes!

  • Tooting medical centre.......not Tooting South medical centre:) they are very close...tooting South is a GP surgery

  • It's a polish clinic but they speak English and you can do all sorts of blood tests there!! Amazing and relatively cheap! Call and ask:)All the best!

  • £24 for tsh ft3 and ft4...still good! But you have to come to the clinic to have it done! Give them a call and ask for details.i had mine done last week .you can check results online as well and print them out which helps a lot .they are very close to Tooting station

  • It's actually quite a bit more expensive on their price list. TDL/Blue Horizon is cheaper

  • I paid 24pounds last week for TSH FT3 FT4...not sure how much is it at Blue Horizon...

  • Hi Mogamed

    I am sorry to hear that you feel depressed and tired. I would recommend, as well as the advice on T3 given by others, checking your levels of ferritin, folate, B12 and D3. Also, I was depressed but am much better now and think it may be connected with going gluten free.

  • Apart from what others have been saying/asking two things occur to me.

    Firstly when do you take your levo? Are you taking it an hour before or/and 3 hours after food? It seems amazing, but timing makes a huge difference, even when the blood results look the same.

    And I noticed you mentioned IBS. Are you eating wheat/gluten? I tested negative for coeliac, but the gastro consultant suggested I go GF and it made a huge difference both to my guts, and to my brain fog. I am mostly constipated, with occasional bouts of normality - rarely diarrhoea. Even going GF didn't sort it out completely and I also need to add fibre (psyllium husk), eat prunes or even occasionally resort to senna or suppositories. But there is no doubt that being bunged up makes one feel <sic!> crappy.

    I was also on PPI medication for heartburn. They most often cause diarrhoea but can also cause constipation. Dealing with reflux naturally (avoiding dietary triggers, DGL and Betaine) meant I could ditch the PPIs with all their attendant problems.

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