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Blood results

Hi all,as you may recall my daughter is having problems getting her GP to do T3 autoantibodies blood test.

GP did a full screen on everything else and all seem to be in normal range,apart from the Vitamin D

Range 30-50 21.9

Ferritin range15-290 39

Vit B12 range 211-911 274

I feel the Ferritin and B12 are in the lower range of so called norm.

GP asked to make a non urgent telephone appointment and first available is 12th Jan and not with the doctor she normally sees.

We are going to go ahead and get the T3 etc done with Blue Horizon .

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I get so cross when labs refuse to do all the tests and in my mind FT3 is the most important! All the things you have been tested on are low and these need to be towards the upper end of the range. They are all necessary for converting the T4 to T3 and so it it highly likely you have a conversion problem but without a FT3 result it's just guesswork. I started off my quest to feel really well by finding out I wasn't converting well so increased my minerals and vitamins. It took time and I felt a lot better though not quite perfect.

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Agree Silverfox,

It's treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Very difficult to get a thorough assessment and correct follow up.

Also GPs are reluctant to refer on as they get charged for referring....sadly it's all becoming a business's first NHS.

It's the constraints they have to work with.

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