Vitamin K2 deficiency symptoms!

I have been taking K2 for a while, thanks to Greygoose for suggesting it :) I don't remember to take it every day, but recently realized I feel better when I take it. Did some simple googling and found some interesting information.

Symptoms of deficiency :

- nose bleeding

- gastrointestinal bleeding

- tendency to bruise easily

- tendency to bone fractures

- anemia

- cold hands and/or feet

and digestive issues

( I feel my digestive issues lessen when taking vitamin K2)

Was also said that the healthy gut bacteria for a healthy person should be enough for one to be able to produce K2. If gut bacteria is unbalanced it can lead to K2 deficiency in 3 to 4 weeks! Diarrhea or/and antibiotics can be one reason for that.

So anyone taking antibiotics should not only take probiotics and other vitamins, but sounds like K2 is a must as deficiency can develop that fast!

Found this from Finnish site so I cannot provide any useful links here, but I believe this same information can be found in English if some wants to.

That's all folks. Do not skip K2!

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  • Thanks for the info about taking K 2 along with probiotics if one is on antibiotics. I didn't realize that. Good to know. Here is a link showing the relationship between D 3 and K 2 and bone health.

  • That is why I have been taking K2 to make sure my bones stay strong. I had no idea it might have other benefits too let alone how fast one can get deficient. That was sort of shocking !

  • I have also been taking D 3 for a couple of years now and just bought some K 2 and have started taking it.... mainly for skeleton/bones. I read somewhere that the K 2 can help remineralize our teeth? Who knew K 2 could be so important? Thanks again for the info on K 2 and antibiotics. Valuable information. Gosh.. how much we learn from one another.

  • Thank you for the reminder about K2 as so many are probably taking D3 and K2 helps with calcium distribution.

  • Thank you for that! Just looking at my bruised shins! Is there any particular type of K2 anyone recommends? Been meaning to do this for ages but keep forgetting!

  • Mine is menaquinone 7.

  • Thank you.

  • Can anyone recommend a brand of k2 and what dosage we should be taking ?

  • I take Finnish hypoallergenic K2 so unfortunately I cannot recommend any other brand. Mine is 100 micrograms tho and most brands seems to be the same.

  • Thank you

  • I take 'now' Vitamin K2 100 mcg. It says it's the 'Biologically Active Form'.

  • Thank you

  • Thanks Justina,

    I looked up reasons for having blood that takes hours to clot if I cut myself, & thought I might be K2 deficient. I also have most of your lists of symptoms.

    I'm veggie, aside from NDT, so started making sure I eat some fermented food every day, to get K2. I eat Kefir for B12 & K2, & it's a great excuse to have more brie! :)

    It seems to have helped my skin heal after cuts, with reduced scarring. I still bruise easily, but hope that will subside in time.


  • Vit K2 has nothing to do with clotting. That's K1. Which is why they give you anti K medication for heart problems. However, the problem with that is that it also blocks K2.

  • Thanks Greygoose!

    My blood's still like water, but I don't bleed for hours. I thought both were found in fermented foods. I'll have to re-read he info again.


  • Oh, I think they probably are. But the point is, you need K1 for clotting, and K2 for calcium. Certainly K1 is in Brie, but I Don't know if K2 is - if you see what I mean. lol

  • I do ~ aaargh!

    It's bad enough keeping my NDT, HRT, calcium, magnesium & D3, & vit C & iron apart! I take my NDT about 4 or 5 am, so as not to clash.

    So much confusing information, & this was definitely not in the bumph I read:

    Which D & K2 spray do you take? I try to get things from food, as much as possible.

    Do you know if B12 (from kefir) & selenium (from brazils) clash with anything, please?


  • I'm sorry, I Don't follow you. What isn't in the article? He seems to say the same as me. Although, admittedly I Don't have time to read it all. I Don't understand your confusion.

    I Don't use a spray, I take tablets.

    It's all very well eating healthy foods, but do you know how much you can absorb? That's the problem for us hypos, we can't absorb nutrients very well, which is why we have to top up with suppléments.

    I Don't see why you can't take iron and vit D together. I've never heard that they clash. And take the vit C any time, that doesn't clash with anything. Take the magnesium at night, it makes you sleepy.

    But, why are you taking calcium? That's a very bad think to take. I posted about that yesterday.

  • Sorry Greygoose, I'm probably confused by lack of sleep. I thought you;d said K1 & K2 block each other's absorption. Somebody else must've mentioned a K & magnesium spray. Must keep off here after 9pm! :-/

    I was calcium deficient about 8 years ago, & given supplements with D2, which I think caused the issue in the first place, when I swapped dairy for soya products. I'm was on calcium & D3, but mainly take the D3 alone if I've eaten a lot of dairy, or occasionally the last of my Ca, Mg, D3, if I haven't.

    I believe calcium prevents iron absorption, so take the iron with fruit in the afternoon. Also Vit C affects copper absorption.

    Don't they all affect the uptake up T3, T4, etc, from NDT within 4 hours? I was only leaving 1 or 2, so now take that when I'm awake during the night. It certainly seems a bit more effective, as I'd been flagging in the afternoons again, from October.

    I've only been on NDT for 6 months, but noticed another change for the better, when I upped my probiotics, & reduced junk intake further.


  • No, I didn't say anything about K1 blocking K2! lol

    You're not still consuming soy, are you? If so, that could explain a lot! Soy blocks the absorption of copper, and all sorts of other nutrients, as well as affecting your body's use of thyroid hormone replacement.

    Calcium binds with iron. Both calcium and iron bind with thyroid hormone. I Don't think other suppléments bind thyroid hormone, but best to take them 2 hours away from levo and T3. For vit D, iron and calcium (although you shouldn't be taking calcium!) and HRT, leave four hours.

    To recap, vit D will raise your calcium levels, so you need to take vit K2 to make sure that calcium goes into the bones, rather than tissues such as the heart and the kidneys. It's not a good idea to take caclium suppléments, as explained in the link I gave you.

    It is not necessary to eat a lot of dairy products to get calcium naturally, a lot of veggies contain calcium.

    As you are taking vit D3 and magnesium, try taking a little zinc with them, as they all work together.

  • Sometimes, I think I dream things...

    I ate huge quantities of soy till I found out it was goitrogenic,, & not healthy if it's not fermented. I'm sure being Vegan did quite a bit of damage to my health, so I'm back to being Veggie (NDT aside) & feel much better. Tofu is now a treat, once or twice some weeks. The greens I'd been cooking it with are supposed to be goitrogenic, but I still eat them for calcium.

    I think it might've been read in one of your other posts about leaving 4 hours between various things. I have two sleep periods most nights, so started taking my NDT then, rather than an hour before breakfast. It does seem to increase the efficacy, as I felt I'd need to increase the dose at the start of winter.

    I've upped my nut intake for minerals, started eating eggs, & have just looked at a combination Mg & zinc, though it has calcium in. My dairy intake is fermented kefir & ryazhenka, which I started making for B12 & Ks. Fermented dairy is supposed to be healthier.

    It's great since starting NDT, that I can now eat an extra 400 calories a day, so getting more nutrients has helped a lot. Still no hair growth, but my nails are growing without pits, & at the same rate they did in 1978, & my heels have healed!

    This website is marvellous!!! :)


  • Glad to hear you're making progress!

    But you do know that tofu is unfermented, Don't you? Do you actually like it? I think it's ghastly! lol

    Don't worry about goitrogens, if they affected you, you'd know. I knew strawberries were a no-no long before I was even diagnosed! Just eat what agrees with you.

    But, of course, soy is an exception to that rule - it's an exception to every rule!

  • Thanks Greygoose!

    I knew tofu wasn't fermented, but only found it was goitrogenic after starting NDT. I used to eat tofu most days, with huge quantities of cruciferous veg. Some types aren't nice, & it's very different when it's fresh, ie, not like eating a pencil rubber! Marinaded tofu with a portobello mushroom & sourdough is my equivalent junk food treat to a burger. I don't feel any different from eating less. & no longer have 500mls of soy milk a day, so might up my tofu & veg.

    My goitre is small, but no longer visible after a 6 months on NDT. :)

    Bad news about strawberries, that's a new thing to avoid. though I only have them occasionally in summer. Any other fruit to beware of?


  • Nothing to beware of except soy.

    Forget goitrogens. As I said, you'll know if they affect you.

    Soy is different. It isn't just a goitrogen. it also stops the thyroid hormone getting into the cells.

    Strawberries are goitrogenic, but if they Don't affect you in anyway, keep eating them. I couldn't eat them, they made me very ill. However, now my gland is no longer working, I can eat them again without any effect.

    Continue with the veggies, but drop the tofu, that's my advice.

  • It's disturbing how much certain foods are promoted as being healthy. I'd just thought it was the D2 in soya milk that caused my D deficiency & dental problems. I'll add tofu to my list of foods to have if I go to a Chinese restaurant, which is very rarely.

    Enjoy your strawberries, & thanks again for all the advice!


  • You're welcome. :)

  • K2 from liver, kidneys, eggs, some cheese and natto.

    I think eating fermented food is recommended so you get good bacteria that can produce K2 not that all fermented food contains it. So to me it looks like a combo. Not just eating food that contains K2 works. Same with vitamin B as that is produced by bacteria as well.

    One can eat ridiculously healthy but with lacking gut bacteria not getting all the vitamins needed.

  • Thanks Justina.

    I don't eat meat, & have never seen natto on sale, in even the best wholefood shops in the UK. It also looks disgusting, & from what I've read, doesn't taste much better!

    I've been eating kefir every day, & have brie or an egg a few times a week. so my B12 & K2 are better. My K1 should be ok, as I eat a lot of veg, but Greygoose says the K's block absorption of each other, which is what I'd like more information on. Te spray sounds good, though I prefer my nutrients as food.


  • I just learned that there is a lot of K2 in roquefort, gouda and edam. So cheeses like that seems to be beneficial.

    Absorbing K1 from food is like 10%.

  • Thanks.

    I don't like those, so stick to brie & kefir.

    Not sure what you men by "like 10%". We can only get 10% from food?

  • Well according to studies if the total amount of K1 in veggies you consume/day is 700 micrograms you only absorb 10% of it.

  • Just as well I eat lots!

  • I use a spray which contains vit D3 and K2 .

    I hate taking tablets so this is great .


  • How much do you take?

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