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Hypothyroid getting me down

I have posted in the past before about how much my hypothyroid is affecting me. I have been hypothyroid for 5 years and since my diagnosis I feel like things have progressivly got worse. I feel tired constantly, headaches almost everyday, my skin is discolouring, my skin is dry, my hair falls out in clumps, my eyebrows are barely there where they have thinned out, my whole body aches, i have acne, I am very down (mood wise) all the time, and I'm unmotivated. I have a year old son and I find it hard keeping up with him. Iv been back and forth to the doctors and Iv been told I'm wasting their time asking for blood tests and booking appointments and apparently I also do not qualify to see an endocrinologist. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have been referred for counselling (as apparently I'm overreacting!) and been giving a prescription for anti depressants which I am refusing to take. I feel like it stems deeper and Iv just had enough :(

I have low progesterone also but there is no treatment for long term use. I am also struggling money wise and I know a lot of you on this website suggest self medication with t3 but I just cannot afford to do it.

I do not have copies of my results but I have requested them. I was told they were in normal range but at the higher end. I feel the same regardless of where it is in the 'normal' range. They told me that they only tested tsh and t4, and refuse to test my t3 unless my t4 is low. they also tested my iron and b12 which are 'normal'. I don't feel like I can go to the doctors and speak in confidence as I'm going to be told I'm wasting time :(

What can I do? Iv just have enough and my son deserves an amazing and happy mum. X

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You are entitled to have a hard copy of your blood test results. You might be asked to pay for them if you want them on paper but your surgery has to let you have them. You can always add to see them and copy them down for yourself. Make sure you get the lab ranges as well (that's the figures in brackets nest to the result)

The range for B12 is quite large - my hospital range is (211 - 911) - enormous! So you can be 'within the range' but the result is not optomal for you. I was just inside the lower end of the B12 range and was told that it was 'normal'. I have a family history of low B12 so I bought some Jarrows sublingual methyl cobalamin B12 and boosted it right up to the top of the range. I always think when the doctor says 'your results are normal' 'Yes, they might be normal but for me or for someone else?'

I never ever had my T3 tested in spite of it being requested on almost every blood test request form I was given. In the end I had it done privately, I use the Blue Horizons Thyroid 10 home finger prick test. I had to do the same for vitamin D because no one would do that either.

You wouldn't want to self medicate without knowing exactly what all your levels are in the first place but you do want to see your all of your test results on paper.

I can see why you don't want to take antidepressants - just because something is depressing (like your doctor deciding that you are over reacting by wanting him to do something so that you feel better) it doesn't mean that you are depressed.

Hang on in there and hopefully your son will get his lovely, happy mum back soon 😉


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