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Thyroid results

I have just received my results, the lab says these are normal but I have muscle weakness and pain and I'm so tired etc. Can anyone tell me what they think please?

TSH 2.21, Range 0.27 - 4.20

FREE T4 12.81 Range 12 -22

FREE T3 4.42 Range 3.1-6.8

TOTAL T4 82.9 Range 64.5 - 142.0


ANTI-THYROGLOBULIN - 33.5 Range > 115

B12 711

FERRITIN 86.3 Range 20-150

SERUM FOLATE 34.85 Range 10.4 - 42.4

CRP 0.70 Range < 3.0

Many thanks, Hebbyh.

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I think your doctor doesn't know very much. You need a rise in thyroid hormones. Your TSH is too high - the aim is around 1 or lower. Your FT4 is too low (your thyroid gland is struggling) FT3 is a little higher.

The problem is that many doctors believe that if our TSH falls anywhere 'in normal range' we don't need an increase in thyroid hormones. We aren't normal as we have hypothyroidism. You do need an increase - so ask him.

Before that email and ask for a copy of the article in Pulse Online by Dr Toft. Highlight question 6 and tell your doctor Dr T was President of the British Thyroid Association as many don't like us to bring in internet info. The reason we have to do so is because they don't know. Dr Lowe states how low our TSH can be.


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