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Question about Wp Thyroid tablets

I have been on Armour Thyroid for about 4 years now. Within the last two, I have been steadily gaining weight, (no matter amount or kind of exercise or diet), extreme thinning hair, dry skin except for forehead. I could probably name some other symptoms but that is foremost in my mind right now. Anyway all my blood test always lead doctors to tell me to continue on same course of meds. Finally, two months ago, routine blood test showed symptoms of hypothyroidism. As a result, not only did doctor change amount of thyroid medication, but there was a change in the brand. I am now on Wp Thyroid from RLC Labs. I didn't ask why the change, but frankly since I wasn't feeling that great anymore on the Armour brand, felt grateful that it happened, that maybe it was for the better?

My question is, has anyone else used the Wp Thyroid from RLC labs, and if so did it work for you or not?

Thank you!

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Rettalee55, If you were undermedicated on Armour you will have felt hypothroid and won't feel any better on WP unless your doctor prescribes the right dose. Ask for printouts of your labs after every test. Post the results with ranges (figures in brackets after results) and members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


I've recently changed from Erfa to Nature-Throid (also by RLC labs). This is definitely an improvement and is the first treatment which has improved my heavy legs.

Wp Thyroid and Nature-Throid are non-allergenic (is that the right word?) and don't contain the same fillers as Armour or Erfa

see this website about WP-Thyroid


or see the thyroidUK list at


and click on Non-UK Dessicated Thyroid (aka NDT). This gives you info about several different NDTs.

Presumably your doctor wants to make sure you aren't reacting to any of the fillers in Armour.


I have changed from Armour to Nature Thyroid, I feel the best I have in a long time. They both have same amount of T3 and T4 so I assumed I am feeling better re, the filllers in Armour.


I've been taking nature throid for a year. I was still symptomatic (but not badly) until they upped my dose from 1.5 to 2 grains. The only thing I still have problems with is losing weight and I'm trying to make peace with this one. I out on over 4 stone while trying to get diagnosed.


I'm on WP and have been for over a year. He has probably switched you because it is currently cheaper then Armour. It has the same quantity of active ingredients in T4&T3 however I feel much better on WP then when or Armour. I'm afraid I have to disagree with Clutter in the sense that different brands of NDT can affect you differently. This can be due to the different fillers and also a pharmacist told me that different brands can have a different loading mechanism. Even the way and the degree of pressing of tablets can affect how well you absorb the active ingredients.

I am affected by fillers like cellulose so WP is great for me as it doesn't have that in it. I found I was able to reduce my dose by half a grain so for me clearly my uptake is much better on this. RBC are well established recognised manufacturers and also produce Westhroid & Naturethroid.

Be wary of GP's reliance on blood tests alone -it sounds like you are being prescribed by what the TSH blood tests says -that is your GP is not altering your dose until the TSH goes out of range. This way of medicating patients is known to cause under treatment and will leave you with ongoing symptoms. Your GP should be going on your FT4 & FT3 ranges which normally need to be in the top third of the range to feel well. The TSH often needs to be below 1 or even suppressed too achieve this and for you to feel well. Thyroid UK have a great article to show your GP if he /she is dubious of doing this.

It's good though that he/she is prepared to prescribe a NDT though. 😊😊 Hoe you feel better on them -if not ask cv your blood test results and post on here for advice.


I understand that WP thyroid is more hypoallergenic than armour and its strength is the same

Has your doctor also checked




Intrinsic factor

Vit d3

One auto immune disease can lead to another and pernicous aneamia often masks as hypothyroid


No, my doctor did not test for these additional areas. However, after having a long talk with my pharmacist, (since my doctor wouldn't initially cooperate in making changes until she and he talked on my behalf), the pharmacist compounded a tablet of B6/B12/D3/SELEN/CHROM/ZINC for me to take every morning to go along with my hormone and thyroid med changes. My pharmacist seemed to think these vitamins would help boost other meds. I sure hope so, so far, after almost 2 months of med changes, I don't have the deep deep depression as before, although I suppose other areas like dry skin, hair loss, weight gain, low energy, etc. might take a bit longer to manifest itself for the better?


Please Google "Reverse T3 Dominance" It's not an uncommon condition and T4 treatment is ineffective.

The only effective treatment is T3. Unfortunately, most doctors prescribe only T4 which is normally converted in the liver to T3 which is the active form of thyroid hormone.

However, some people with hypothyroidism have a defect in conversion of T4 to T3.

If the T4 is converted into inactive Reverse T3 the hypothyroid problem worsens since to active T3 receptors are blocked by the inactive Reverse T3.

The only solution is to supplement T3.

By giving T4 the body just makes more inactive Reverse T3.

For some reason, most doctors don't seem to recognize this condition.


get your vits D3 checked , I'd stopped losing weight ( I attend Slimming World it's the only diet that's worked for me, I'd lost 1st 7lbs then it stopped) My vit D4 was low it in turn affected the para-thyroid Dr put me on 2000 mg of D3 there has been an improvement in my pain levels and weight going down but I'm not holding my breath! I've had so many set backs over the 20 odd years since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's I've learned to "go with it" I no longer have the money or the energy to look any further. I'm finding this site helpful and will keep using it.


Funny you mentioned the D3. My hormone doctor stopped ordering test for it when it is time for my other labs. He knows I supplement massively myself on my own. What is odd, although I take huge amounts of it, my tests in the past have always stayed within normal boundaries. I figure our bodies need, and uses more than the FDA says we need.


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