RLC Labs NDTs: WP THYROID vs Nature-Throid & Westhroid?

Hello Lovely Helpful People,

I was wondering if anyone can tell me how the other two NDTs made by RLC Labs compare to WP, other than cost?

They're cheaper, but does this mean the quality is compromised?

Would I need more of the latter two, even though the grain dose is 65mcgs?

Has anyone tried all three, that would give me some feedback, please?

I've just ordered WP again, as that works well for me, but I'm wondering about whether to try one of the others, or both, for my next order. My experience with Thyro-Gold wasn;t positive, & I've no wish for a repeat set back.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi M, I don't think it would be worth changing what you are using.  Both are good quality but here is a comparative view.  stopthethyroidmadness.com/a...

  • As far as I know, the company no longer produces Westhroid. And for quite a number of years, Westhroid and Nature-Throid were the exact same product just sold under two names. (The reasoning seemed to be that when the two products became the same, they didn't want to confuse people - and possibly lose customers - so carried on with two names.)

    The only difference between Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid that RLC acknowledge seems to be precisely the ingredients - if you have no problem with Nature-Throid there seems no point in paying extra just to get WP Thyroid. If you have problems with the excipients (non-active ingredients) of Nature-Throid you might find WP Thyroid gets round them.

  • It must be very old stock, that they're trying to clear, though it wasn't that much cheaper.

    I'm planning on trying Nature Throid, but long before I run out of WP, just in case.


  • Fillers. That's the only difference. Nature-Throid is described as hypoallergenic and has no nasties in it, but WP has even fewer fillers in, designed for the very sensitive gut.

    If you're sensitive to what's packaged up with your pills, WP is the best. But if your body handles most drugs well, Nature-Throid would be fine. In terms of potency, they're identical.

  • Thanks Jazz!

    I've only tried 2 NDT's, WP being great, & Thyro-Gold disatrous.

    I might give Nature Throid a try next time I order.


  • To add to the good information given above. People react to different NDTs so it comes down to individual preference.  Some have different processes for the uptake, uploading of the drug (sorry am not technical) -some people find that different fillers affect how well they respond to the NDT. It's all in the individual response. Really you would have to try to find out.

    WP is the new name for Westhroid-P (P standing for 'pure'). 

    Westhroid had different filler in it to WP.  I did not do well on Westhroid but did great on Westhroid-P or WP as its now called. 

  • You really have to do some digging to find that Westhroid (since 1934) is still available, even on the RLC Labs (manufacturer) website.  But here is a link...


    Here is a link to the ingredients in Westhroid


    RLC's webpage says the ingredients in Westhroid and Naturethroid are identical but Naturethroid is offered in more tablet/dosage strengths than Westhroid.

    WP is offered with only 3 inactive ingredients and is considered hypoallergenic for folks who have trouble with the other ingredients (excipients) in other NDT brands.

    I have tried WP and Naturethroid.  Naturethroid is chalky tasting and didn't really suit me but WP is what I take and I am quite happy with it.  All these NDTs are of equal quality and RLC Labs is a top-notch manufacturer.  I don't think you need be concerned about their efficacy or their strength so... no need to take larger doses.  Westhroid and Naturethroid are NOT weak products. 

    Naturethroid is very economical and WP can cost about 1/4 to 1/3 more.  If finances are a concern, I would give Naturethroid a try.  Maybe try Naturethroid for a few weeks and see how it goes?  You can always return to WP if WP is working well for you.

  • That looks like a page they put up when they decided to stop marketing Westhroid. (My emphasis.):

    Nature-Throid and Westhroid are identical formulations. Having one medication under two names caused some confusion; therefore, we made the decision to market under one name: Nature-Throid.

    Without being certain of the date, maybe there is still some Westhroid in the distribution system? Or maybe it has now all gone or reached expiry?

  • Thanks Helvella!

    It must be in date, or the pharmacy wouldn't sell it though I don't really want old stock.


  • I agree, helvella.  There was an internet site that was still offering Westhroid as well as WP as recently as last year.  I checked the site before I posted (was going to check prices) and it isn't offered any longer. 

  • phoenix23002,

    It is a long time (several years) since Westhroid was an available product. I doubt you will find it for sale anywhere!

    When RLC brought out their new formulation, they chose to call it Westhroid Pure, which was then abbreviated to WP Thyroid. So, RLC produce two products, Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid.

    Info on commonly used desiccated thyroid is on the main Thyroid UK website. Click on the purple bar that says

    Non-UK - Desiccated Thyroid (aka NDT)


  • Thanks Phoenix!

    I spotted it on the website that I use, but could only get info on WP & Nature Throid. I don't take a high dose, & I've started adding a bit of T3, so think I'll  have enough to last to the autumn. I might try a small bottle of Nature Throid before then, as a 1/4 of a 5 grain pill should take me through to the end of the year. :)


  • Helvella that is really interesting and explains some historical confusion with my pharmacy who were also repeatedly told it was one and the same thing. They then on top got confused with the two DIFFERENT meds Westhyroid and Westhyroid-P stating they were the same. I can now understand why they kept thinking this and kept sending me the wrong meds.... At the time I found it very frustrating!  Clearly one can see why the manufacturers changed the names to WP &Naturethyriod. Just amazing they didn't do it earlier!! Common sense finally prevailing,  Though they have been marketing WP as a NEW product.....!!! 

  • Waveylines, WP Thyroid is a new(ish) product - it does not have the same ingredients as the old Westroid did :)

  • Isn't WP the same as Westhroid-P. That was my understanding -they changed the name from Westhroid -P to WP (taking the W & P from the old name....) Westhroid-P was completely different to Westhroid. 

  • In terms of desiccated thyroid, WP Thyroid is a new product. :-)

  • Well how strange. I was on Westhroid-P and the manufacturers told me Westhroid -P was now WP. They changed the name because a lot of confusion was caused between their two original products Westhroid and Westhroid-P. That certainly was my experience as the pharmacy were for ever receiving the wrong product ordered in by their supplier who didn't seem to understand that the P at the end denoted a completely different product -drove me crazy. I was soo relieved when they changed the name -Alleyluya for common sense!  So technically maybe it is a newish product but it's not really if you know what I mean!! Haha...

  • Just to underline my point below -here is the link to the stopthemadness website stating its a name change -Westhroid-P to WP. Product has NOT changed -it isn't new only the name is!!


    As I said so glad they did this as it was very confusing having two different products with nearly the same name! 

  • What I was trying to put across was that WP Thyroid (whether called WP Thyroid or Westhroid P) is a real Johnnie-come-lately compared to the ancient ones like Armour and even the original Westhroid.

    I think I inadvertently made it read as if WP Thyroid were newer than Westhroid P - it is only its name that is slightly newer!

  • It works a treat, so they can call it whatever they like! :D

  • True Leverette but trust me you wouldn't want it's old name -the pharamacist couldn't cope with it!!!! 😃😃

  • Having been vegetarian for 30 years, & being utterly disgusted with myself for taking it, I refer to it as my "dead/dried pig medicine".

    I think most companies would have trouble marketing that!

  • Haha...  Well in that case I suppose it is a Jonnie come lately BUT it's the only one that works for me -not even Armour did due to its fillers. But then again the original formula was better for me but in all honesty WPs ingredients for some reason has given me the best uptake of all the NDTs I've tired......even had to drop my dose by a whole grain plus!! Now that would make an interesting piece of research..... 😊😊

  • Hi...I'm interested in your post here..l was on Levo for years and was never well...then miraculously my new doctor gave me Armour..stllmnot really well after 18 months.

    Had been on 100 mcg Levo..then 2 grains Armour.

    These two don't seem to equate as they should...

    Now , since yesterday my doctor hads given me WP thyroid...took first dose yesterday...1-5 grains..being cautious...have not felt very well today ,.certainly knew l had a new drug inside me...feel very unsure what dose to keep at to try..any ideas ? I'm interested how you dropped your dose...I must say l suspected this could happen ..

  • Hope you're feeling better today, Jollypolly?

  • I found WP dosage wise, to be stronger than the eqivalent dose of T3 alone, but have only tried UniPharma.

    It seems the fillers are so important, I wonder why the producers of Armour don't make it allergy free when they charge so much more?

    Horses for courses, as my friend's mum says... :)

  • THANKYOU Leverette....am feeling much better today..am going to carry on at one and a half grains and see what happens🤔All the best, jollypolly

  • Hi Waveylines...

    Well this is interesting.

    I was on Levo for many years at 100 mcg,,Never well .

    . Then for about twenty months been on Armour....at two grains. ..not quite as bad but still not well...

    So three days ago began on WP Thyroid...felt very cautious and read your post so began on 1.5 grains.

    Day one....surprised by the strong feeling in my body that l was on something different and strong. ,..didn't feel too well actually. But couldn't decide if l felt hyper or hypo and kept thinking l must change the dose...but what to ??

    So finally decided to stay on 1.5 till l knew for sure which way to go..

    The bad feelings wore off on day two.,.land l don't feel too bad now...so have decided to jog along and see what happens...have you any further points to help me with here, or any advice...I'm wondering Howe it will all pan out having been on 100 mcg Levo, 2 grains of Armour etc.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Jollypolly,

    Am not sure what you mean by bad feelings? Can you explain further?

    I dont remember anything in particular apart from the fact I felt I had more energy.

    After a few weeks I realised I started to get symptoms of being over treated so reduced the dose.

  • Hi...no, just the first day l took WP thyroid I reallly New I had something powerful inside me..it was weird. But by next day it's fine...now I'm on day four..and having been two grains of Armour....then started with 1.5 grains WP....and today reduced to 1.25 grains as I've n even feeling just antad hyper. I can always go up again.

    But otherwise I'm feeling ok ..so things are looking good. Thanks anyway...all best wishes to you.


  • Here in the states, some folks were having the same problem.... the pharmacy filling their WP prescriptions with Westhroid.  I can only assume that they chose the Westhroid, thinking it was the same as WP, because it is cheaper than WP.  What a mess.  Now we have to educate the pharmacists.

  • Think Phoenix its because WP used to be called Westhroid-P. I had no end of problems as many pharmacies thought it was the same as Westhroid. Ridiculous -clearly couldnt read! So they renamed Westhroid-P to WP. Ive not had a problem since......

  • Hi M,

    I used Armour for years, then tried NatureThroid (new doc advice) last summer and I immediately ;felt better' on the same dosage.  So he suggested I try WP and started couple of weeks ago - thinking there is a difference although not so dramatic (and unfortunately, going through a period of high stress makes it harder to tell).  For me,  WP is 4x cost of NT, but think I may stay on it....

    Now that I'm becoming so aware of the 'filler effect', I'm worried about my many supplements.  Put on my to-do list: look into side effects of the fillers in my capsules and tablets.  I already buy 'no soy' but hate to think I've got to start making my own capsules.

  • Thanks Gactor,

    The cost difference isn't that much, given that I could buy a larger NT & split, & not pay import duties.

    I won't need any more till the autumn, now, so I'll buy 30 to test in a few months.


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