This was posted by a group member in the NaturalThyroidHormones yahoo website a short while ago and I cannot vouch for it's veracity but it reveals an intriguing insight, if true. Most members responded with guarded optimism (understandable) but worried that the formula might be different.


I saw my wonderful integrative medicine doc today, and he told me the background on the WP Thyroid/Naturethroid shortage issue. Here is what he said:

As you know, a company bought out Armour some time ago and they changed the formula for Armour and raised the price.

They also bought the company that supplies the thyroid extract to Armour, looking at that as a way to corner that market so that they could either buy the other NDT producers or force them out or sell to them at inflated rates.. Talk about integrity ... not! And, of course, then they would control the market and charge all of us whatever they felt like!!!!

Well, RLC Labs, makers of NatureThroid and WP Thyroid, were not buying any of those options and went looking for another supplier of the thyroid hormone extract. And they found one! However, that took time, and then they had to re-formulate their products so they would be consistent with the formula they had made so successfully and that so many of us love.

My doc said that NatureThroid is now available. I was able to get a 60 day supply from him. He said that WP Thyroid will probably be available in a week or two.

So, for all of you who are looking to get back on our much-loved meds from RLC Labs, check with your pharmacists. If they don't have some in stock, ask them to check again, because it is now being distributed. And if you have no luck there, check with you local compounding pharmacy. They may use distributors that the big guys don't bother with.

I, for one, am very impressed with the integrity and the grit and determination RLC showed in finding a way around this despicably nasty attempt to force price changes in the market that would force us all to pay significantly higher prices. RLC rocks! Their sales people are out on the road talking to docs and (I assume) pharmacists to bring them up to date.

BTW, my doc told me to share this info with you. Cool, isn't he?

(Thank you, God)


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Thanks for the update.

According to NatureThroid: None of our medications are being discontinued and the formulas are staying the same.


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Let us hope that this new supplier (if all this is true) will have the same quality and standards as the 'old' wholesaler. Again, if all this is true, I truly admire RLC for refusing to be held hostage to Armour and their attempts to corner the market. Meanwhile, my opinion of Armour reaches a new low.


Thank goodness for a decent pharmaceutical company! I'm looking forward to finding out why some people are saying the Nature-throid now coming into circulation looks and tastes different. I've been assured by RLC labs that the formula hasn't changed, and they are actually a company I trust with that sort of information because the last time they reformulated they gave advance notice of it.

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I just recently got a bottle of the naturethroid . I chew my thyroid meds and the new stuff definitely tastes different and has a different texture . Today is my 2nd day to take it so I can’t comment yet on if it will make me feel any different .


I got some last week. I'd changed from NatureThroid to WP in the Autumn but my endo gave me a prescription for NatureThroid this time as WP still isn't available. I don't switch over in one go, I substitute a quarter of a grain for a few days, then half a grain etc. and take 2.75 grains in total. I chew them too and noticed they weren't as synthetic tasting as they had been and the colour is slightly darker. I so hope they're ok because they're cheaper than WP and the taste is better than it used to be! On STTM Janey says the difference is probably less coating, that that would affect the look and taste.


Well WP hitting our pharmacies can’t come a moment too soon for me. It’s the only one I take without other unpleasant symptoms. The essence of the post above is actually on the RLC FB Page where they say that they had to locate another supplier.

All the hassles of sourcing NDT/DTH!

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