Need help understanding my results please anyone..I am new to all this and I feel I may be having the wool pulled over my eyes :(

I have been suffering for some time with an undetectable TSH less than 0.04 and that was at the values done in Bermuda and now it has finally worked its way back up and is recorded as Serum TSH level 1.49 mu/L and my B12 is 400 pg/ml my Serum Folate is 9.7 ng/ml and my vitamin D was alright but I dont have the numbers in front of DHEAS 6.02 umol/L my serum 17alphydroxyprogest level less than .05 nmol/L and testosterone is 1.09 nmol/L and my Androstenedione is 4.42 nmol/L - my Serum sodium 144 mmol/L Serum Potassium 4.6 mmol/L my serum Urea level 3.9 mmol/L and my serum Creatinine umol/L and finally my GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD which I know nothing about is 90 mL/min and I looked that up and it has something to do with your kidneys failing???? I am concerned because my doctor did NOT discuss this with me to say it needs further investigation - should I be concerned about these numbers - please any advice would be grateful.

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  • Hi wandap, welcome to the forum - but sorry you need to be here.

    I'm very much afraid that none of your results mean anything without the ranges. Did you get those?

    It does sound like you've got Hashi's, but can't say for certain without the range. And if you have, that would explain the swinging TSH.

    A TSH of 1.49 is pretty reasonable, but the TSH test on it's own is not much good. You also need the FT4 and FT3 done.

    Vitamin D 'alright' is also meaningless - that is an opinion, not a diagnosis. Unless it was at least mid-range, it is not alright. Just being 'in range' is not good enough.

    The only other thing I can say is that your B12 is a tad low, anything Under 500 can cause a lot of symptoms - including irreversable neurological damage - optimal is 1000. But doctors Don't know that, so she won't have mentioned it. If I were you, l would supplement with 1000 sublingual methylcobalamin for a few months, to bring it up. And you should take a B complex with that, containing methyl folate (not folic acid) to bring your folate up.

    So, if you post your ranges, I'm sure you'd get a lot more comments and help.

    Take care. :)

  • Ok wow....thanks - I posted my other results just after this one....not sure if you see that one that says HELP! Those are my autoimmune thyroglobulin results....any comments on that..and I am going to dig up the Vit D results

  • Yes, I commented above. I said it looks like you have Hashi's, but I can't say for certain without the ranges. Ranges - the figurs in brackets after the result - are always needed for everything otherwise people can't comment. :)

  • ok... i found other results....ok..Vitamin D studies - Vit D Total (INF) 61.6 nmol/L - Vit D3 61.6 nmol/L - Vit D interpretation values are: greater than 50-250 it says Adequate Status... Vitamin D2 none detected??? Thyroglobulin (ref) 0.4 ug/L range says 1.4-78.00 ug/L and then my Thyroglob ABS says 245 ku/L and the range says it should be less than 20.00 ku/L My Serum folate is 9.7 ng/mL range is 3.10-20.50 ng/mL and DHEAS 6.02 umol/L and range is 0.96-6.95 umol/L and my TSH Level says 1.65 mu/L in second test done and the range is 0.35-4.94 mu/L but in first test done only a month before it was 1.49 mu/L! And I need to take more Vitamin B12 you said? I am taking a b complex now of which is 2.5 ug as Cyanocobalamin...

  • You can't absorb cyanocobalamin, you need methylcobalamin. And, yes, you do need more. A B complex is just a maintenance dose, not a replacment dose.

    So, you do have Hashi's - and autoimmune disease where the antibodies destroy the thyroid gland, so that the hypothyroidism gets gradually wores. Your TSH isn't of concern at the moment, but expect it to get higher. However, you do need to have the FT4 and FT3 tested to get the full picture.

    Antibodies themselves will cause symptoms, but a lot of people find they can reduce the antibodies by going gluten-free. Worth a try, perhaps?

    Your vit D3 is also a little low, perhaps you need a little supplementation there, too.

  • I did purchase a boost spray of B12 in the form of 1200 ug as methylcobalamin and you also say I could also take my B complex along with that?? And also purchased Vit D spray too cuz I hate swallowing tablets in the form of cholecalciferol 1000 called lux oral spray....should I also take a squirt of that a day??

  • OK yes, that's good. A squirt of D a day. :)

    The B12 spray is good, too. And you need to take the B complex with it so that they Bs are balanced because they all work together.

  • Then I only have to get the methyl folate but what dosage would you recommend?? Wow I really thank you

  • Not necessary to get methylfolate seperately if there is methylfolate in the B complex. Best to buy a B complex with methylfolate rather than folic acid because it's easier to absorb.

  • Hi Wandap - I'm not an expert but GFR should be 90 at minimum. This doesn't mean they are failing. From what I have read (I'm looking into all this myself at the moment) it's not unusual for kidneys to show below optimum when there are vitamin deficiencies/thyroid issues. The GFR should be looked at in conjunction with the rest of the full blood count rather than on its own.

  • Hello it is ok then?? Mine is 90 but I am concerned because I have been having irregular Thyroid test for years but no symptoms but now my autoimmune thyroglobulin test is showing that it is now at 245 when it was only at 75 a year and half ago - so its climbing not getting better...and that is a test that is a marker for thyroid disease...I take it Hashi's...but i am learning too now that i am getting older I feel that I need to be my own advocate...with the help of others who are trying to find answers

  • Wandap, thyroglobulin antibodies 245 are positive for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimotos) which will eventually cause hypothyroidism. You may be able to slow progression by adopting 100% gluten-free diet which can reduce Hashi flares and antibodies.

    Your TSH is euthyroid (normal). You're unlikely to get a hypothyroid diagnosis until TSH is >4.94.

    VitD is suboptimal. 75-200 is optimal and 100 is fine for most. Use 2 or 3 sprays daily for 6 weeks to boost level and then reduce to 1 x spray daily.

    Use the 1200mcg B12 spray daily with the B Complex. Your folate is fine and will get a little boost from folic acid or methylfolate in the B Complex.

    GFR >90 is normal unless there is other evidence of kidney disease.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Hello and thank you soo cut out all bread and this should help? and how many squirts of the Vit B12 should I take...its says it has 1200 ug per squirt...and it says you can take 4 squirts a day?? What do you suggest on that? and I am so grateful ..thank you for responding so quickly

  • Wandap, not just bread, all food and processed meals which contain gluten. You'll have to read food labels carefully to make sure they don't contain gluten.

    4 squirts delivers 1200mcg. It doubled my low B12 in 8 weeks but I took more than 4 squirts because I really liked the apricot taste :)


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • yes I forgot what the dose should be because i threw the box out! Thank you for telling me that and yes..I chuckled at the apricot comment...cuz I must say I was pleasantly surprised by its taste too!!! LOL So no floury things??? unless gluten free - Im gonna try to adhere to this thk u - anymore info please send me

  • Wandap, you need to research Gluten-Free. Gluten can be in all sorts of foods, and in sauces and gravies, not just in flour.

    I switched to B12 lozenges as I was using the B12 spray as a confectionary :-D

  • lol!!!!!! but they sound good...where u get them? and what is the packaging called

  • Its amazing how food affects our bodies... i thought I ate very healthy cuz I juice a lot almost every day and then I eat a lot of green soups like kale and spinach and broccoli and kale etc...but I guess I have to do even better....

  • Wandap, kale, spinach, broccoli etc. are goitrogens which can reduce thyroid function :( The worst goitrogen is any form of unfermented soy.

    The lozenges to be dissolved under your tongue or lip are Jarrows Formula available on Amazon. Lemon flavour.

  • Sorry, so is it healthy to eat my greens? I dont know what goitrogens are?? You put a smiley face at the end your sentence so I am not sure if I am eating good now or not?? Can you elaborate? And thanks for info on check it out

  • Wandap, oops, wrong smiley, just edited it. Google "thyroid and Goitrens" for more info. Cooked goitrogens are usually ok but if you eat huge amounts you might want to reduce.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Oh...well I eat it at least once a week!!??? Lord what can we eat??? LOL What do you suggest?

  • Wandap, no problem with once a week :) In general, eat whatever you like, but gluten-free may be helpful. If after 3 - 6 months you've noticed no improvement in symptoms you might as well reintroduce gluten.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • True...its worth a try though..I will make a huge effort to be more cognizant about what I eat...I don't eat too much junk anyway - my diet is already fairly simple...I juice a lot celery and apple and ginger...which I love...and I eat loads of veg and potatoes and fish...yogurt and I am a cereal lover! so il have to buy gluten free cereal now

  • I think goitrogens are fine to eat in moderation so long as they are cooked. They could cause problems if they are raw.

    But I would avoid soy in any form.

    Edit : Clutter beat me to it about the cooking. :D

  • Ok..I think I am getting confused to who I am talking to also...everyone starting to feel like one person!!! LOL

    Sorry I am not up on my game today!! :(

  • It happens to us all, when conversations get replied to many times. The design of this forum is not the greatest on the planet...

  • So I can still eat my greens that are cooked definitely...I like spinach and kale and broccoli because I am mostly eat all veg and fruit and potatoe and sweet potatoe and fish and chicken only - some yogurts and thats mostly my whole diet!!!

  • A couple of popular brands of B12 lozenges are :

    Jarrows Formula Methylcobalamin


    Solgar Methylcobalamin.

    Both products come in 5000mcg and 1000mcg doses. I think you would only need the 1000mcg dose. I buy on Amazon, but there are other supplement sites.

    To take the lozenges, you need 1 a day. Stick it in your mouth somewhere comfortable e.g. between teeth and cheek or under the tongue, and leave it to slowly dissolve. Don't suck or chew.

    But the spray you have is also perfectly acceptable if you prefer that to lozenges. Lots of people use it.

  • Thank you for those links - I will look them up - I am just becoming very concerned about all my numbers because the doctors dont seem to say much when they see you keeping it together - its like they just leave you to it!!

  • Well, they expect you to ask if you want information.

    You could always make an appointment with the nurse practitioner and ask him/her for an explanation, or consult Google, of course.

  • Sounds like I need to impress on my GP to run a test on my free T3 and Free T4 to get a better picture and I am now doing a 24 hr 3 day urine test to detect for a tumour on my adrenals because this sadly has run in my family and one of my sisters have had both taken out and the other one has been identified with a tumour on her kidney due to the adrenal I am also dealing with that!!!

  • Both adrenals taken out - I meant to type...dont know if this is Addisons but anyway..I am have a lot going on with my hormones!!!

  • Hi Wanda,

    Welcome to the forum.

    The way you've displayed your results is hard for people to read. In future could you give us just a list, and then put your comments either before or after the list. I've pasted in your results as best I can below - where you have reference ranges they should always be included :

    TSH < 0.04

    In later tests (Dates would be helpful and I hope I've done this right) Serum TSH level 1.49 mu/L then 1.65 mu/L (0.35-4.94 mu/L)

    Thyroglobulin (ref) 0.4 ug/L (1.4-78.00 ug/L)

    Thyroglob ABS 245 ku/L (< 20.00 ku/L)

    Vitamin B12 400 pg/ml

    Serum Folate 9.7 ng/ml (3.10-20.50 ng/mL)

    Vitamin D studies - Vit D Total (INF) 61.6 nmol/L

    Vit D3 61.6 nmol/L (50-250) result is Adequate Status

    Vitamin D2 none detected

    DHEAS 6.02 umol/L (0.96-6.95 umol/L)

    Serum 17alphydroxyprogest level < .05 nmol/L

    Testosterone 1.09 nmol/L

    Androstenedione is 4.42 nmol/L

    Serum sodium 144 mmol/L

    Serum Potassium 4.6 mmol/L

    Serum Urea level 3.9 mmol/L

    Serum Creatinine umol/L (number was missing in your post)

    GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD 90 mL/min

  • Ok..yes that looks much easier to read...apologise - I was anxious to get info out there..and yes...will oblige next much going on with my body right now...trying to push through...I thought it was just menopause but clearly there is more going on then I realise! I feel quite emotionally challenged at moment...and I am usually a happy strong person...sad

  • What was interesting was the Doctor was eager to tell me that my results were normal for some women esp who have no symptoms to have unexplained elevated levels of thyroglobulin antibodies??? Unbelievable

  • If you want help to go gluten-free you can get lots of advice on HealthUnlocked at another community (you can join as many as you want).

    The community is the "Gluten Free Guerrillas".

  • Oh OK thanks for sending me the will definitely help slow down the process then I'm game...I want don't want to be on medication if I can help thanks

  • I have a question going Gluten free...what kind of milk do you suggest drinking?? Oat, coconut, rice, soy, almond? I use a lot light evaporated cream because I LOVE IT! That will be very difficult to give up..but I just want to know the opinion that's out there. THX

  • Definately not soy! No form of unfermented soy whatsoever. Which is one of the reasons for giving up processed food - it's full of soy. No tofu, it's not fermented, and be careful with soy sauce, because it's not always fermented.

    Oat might not be good either, as it contains a form of gluten that you might react to.

    Almonds are goitrogens, so not for regular consumption.

    But coconut is very good for the thyroid!

    However, the question is, why do you want to drink milk? That's for kids! lol Water is far better for you.

    But try going dairy free for a few months and see if it makes you feel any better. If it doesn't, you might just as well continue eating it. Just take all things in moderation.

  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why because I like to have milk in my cereal!! LOL.....And yes i should drink more water but I drink more hot water with honey and lemon than just plain water! :((((

    Is that ok to drink like that..I hate plain water :(((

  • So coconut milk it will be then!!! THank you soooooooo much for all you have said here to help me try and nip this in the butt! I will enquire with my doctor to see if he will agree to do a free T3 and free T4 for me - just so we can get a full picture...but I seem to be under the impression that they dont want to do them unless I am actually taken some form of medication to control them??? WHy when now would be a good time to check them when I am NOT on any meds to control my that correct? What can I say to him to get him to get the hospital to check them? They have done my TSH and the antibodies test but wont do Free T3 and Free T4?? Does that make any sense?

  • It makes no sense whatsoever, but that's the way it is. They have their rules and they Don't usually do them Under any circumstances - although there are exceptions, and you might get Lucky - because it costs too much! Money before patients!

    So, most people resort to getting them done privately. And now would be a good time, yes. But any time would be a good time to do FT4 and FT3. It's the information you need to have.

  • I have had them done in Bermuda and down in Bexhill-on-Sea but they are last years figures...I can give you them if that will help you to help me...but they wont do them here in the Midlands???

  • Luck of the draw. So, what were they last year?

  • They were on 24th Feb 2014:

    Free T3 L 2.75 Range (2.77.527) PG/ML

    Free T4 0.78 Range (0.78 - 2.19) NH/DL

    T4 7.31 Range (5.53-11.0) UG/DL

    TSH 2.12 Range (0.465-4.68) uIU/ML

    BUT in Bexhill on 30 July 2012

    My Free T4 was 14 pmo/L Range (10.00-23.00) pmol/L

    And they didn't do free T3???

    My TSH then was 1.52 mu/L Range (0.38-4.70mu/L)

    I hope this helps you and me :((

  • So, in February last year, your FT3 was Under-range, and your FT4 was just at the bottom of the range. That's when you should have started treat ment - or at least have had another test three months later.

    Unfortunately, your TSH, whilst it shows that your thyroid is struggling, it doesn't show quite how badly it is struggling. And as doctors only look a the TSH, they're going to say that it's in range so everything is hunky dory! Pft!

    I think your best bet is to find a good private endo and have him do your frees, and see if he will put you on some form of replacement hormone. Oh, these moronic doctors do make me so mad! :)


    And tell me would this thyroid problem cause me swallowing difficulties???? Cause I am having some and they did a ultrasound of my thyroid to check it out and they said it was ok...

    And thanks so much for your valuable input...I guess I have some work to do and some money to spend!!!

  • It would if it was swollen. Doing an ultrasound can be helpful, but it it's enlarged at the back, pressing on your eosophagus, then they might not see it. I had trouble swallowing for years, but no-one suggested an ultrasound. And it was years later that I was diagnosed, but I'm sure it was my thyroid causing the problem.

  • Lord have mercy!!! SO what did they do in the end about it??? Did they take it out???

  • No, it died a natural death from Hashi's. lol No, to be honest, by the time I was diagnosed, the throat problems had gone because my thyroid had shrunk considerably (Hashi's), and my TSH was only 11, although my antibodies were quite high. So nobody suggested removing it. Now, it's just about gone!

  • Please explain what do you mean it died a natural cause from Hashi's...what the swallowing problem went away..mines has been going on for 3 yrs now!!! When will it go away??? and are you on any medication for the Hashi's??? Do I just need to follow your regimen of vitamins and gluten free like I assume you did..and I will get better?? On my own? or the swallowing will get better on its own?

  • Oooo! Long story ahead! lol

    I meant my thyroid is almost completely destroyed by Hashi's antibodies. That's what they do. And, considering I've more than likely had this disease since I was a small child, but only diagnosed at 55, they've had plenty of time to do it.

    But the swallowing problem did stop long before that as the gland got smaller.

    No-one can say when anything is going to happen with this disease, nor what is going to happen, because it's all very individidual. We're all different.

    So, for yourself, you need to get your nutrients tested, and follow YOUR supplement regime. We're all different.

    For myself, what's helped most is vit D, B vits, selenium and iron. But that's just me. You must find out what you need.

    Gluten-free didnt help me at all, neither did dairy and sugar free. But, it helps a lot of people, so that's why I always say try it and see.

    But you cannot replace hormones by diet alone. Your gland is not making enough hormone for you to be well, so, at some point, you have got to get onto thyroid hormone replacement of some kind. You cannot live without thyroid hormone. And, the sooner it's started, the more likely you are to slow down the antibody damage - you need your TSH to be suppressed.

    So, it's a three-pronged attack, really :

    1) Good diet, cutting out processed food, and anything that disagrees with you, like gluten and dairy. And avoiding all soy like the plague. Eat good protein and plenty of good fat, and Don't skimp on the salt.

    2) Determine your nutritional deficiencies and optimise them with suppléments.

    3) Optimise your thyroid hormones - and by optimising, I mean taking a dose that eradicates all your symptoms.

    Basically, it's simple enough (in theory) but doctors Don't know the half of it! If you have a TSH in range, they think there's no problem. Which is why you have to educate yourself so that you Don't allow them to make you/keep you sick. :)

  • Oh my do you take any hormone replacement for your thyroid or did you ever??? I am just turned 52 Sunday gone..and I just don't know how to proceed with the medical professionals..cuz I am just reaching out myself now to understand my numbers....and I guess it would be a good place to start by asking for a referral to see a endocrinologist or seek one myself. But I know this circus of searching for help can get costly because thats how they like to keep what kind of replacement meds is for Hashi's?? WHat are the kind of names I should be dropping on my Dr. Please I don't know where to start here..

  • Well, it doesn't work like that. lol There's is no actual treatment for Hashi's as such - not that doctors know about, anyway. Doctors know nothing about autoimmune diseases.

    What happens is, they start you on Levothyroxine (synthetic T4). The majority of people do very well on T4 alone - providing they get a high-enough dose. And I must stress that : the majority of people do well on T4 alone.

    However, if they Don't convert very well - and a lot of Hashi's people have trouble converting, that's when the trouble starts. The obvious solution would be to add in some synthetic T3. But doctors know nothing about T3, and Don't believe it 'works' (!). Also, it's is prohibitively expensive in the UK, so they don't want to prescribe it. So, most people end up buying their own on internet.

    The other solution is NDT (Natural Desicated Thyroid) which comes from pigs' glands - but isn't all that natural for all that! He still has fillers. It is rare to find a doctor in the UK that even knows what it is, let alone prescribe it. So, once again, your usually on your own with that one.

    For myself, I was started on T4 only, and went rapidly down-hill. But my endo swore to me that it was the only option!

    I changed endos and found one that would prescribe me T4 plus T3 - and as much as I liked because he didn't care about the TSH! But I still didn't do very well.

    Found a Hertoghe doctor who insisted that NDT was THE only way to go, and changed to that. I went so far down-hill that I was out of sight! Bed-ridden, mordidly obese... It took me about six years in my befuddled state to work out that it was the T4 that was the problem. I couldn't tolerate any form of T4.

    So, I changed to T3 only, and haven't looked back! Lost the weight, and am now happier and more active. I still have a way to go because those years of T4 took a heavy toll on my body, but I'm getting there!

    Well, that's the expergated version of my story, but it is just me. I Don't think I'm typical because it took me about 50 years to get diagnosed, so a lot of damage was done in that time, and I Don't know if it's all reversable. Only time will tell.

    But what my story does show is that we're all different, and we have to do what's best for us, not what some ignorant, over-bearing doctor - who knows next to nothing about the subject - 'thinks' is best for us. But, Under the right conditions, anything is possible. :)

  • And I didn't know that about the SALT!!! What kind is best - is there any better than the other..and that is so weird because I dont cook with Salt or sprinkle much salt at ALL!!!!!!!!! So that could be the culprit too????

  • Lack of salt could be having an effect on your adrenals, which will have an effect on your thyroid. But it doesn't cause Hashi's. That's something else.

    But we need to nourish our adrenals to get us through all this. Your whole body needs salt - including your heart.

    How can you bear to eat food cooked without salt? Yuck It's not just tasteless, it tastes awful! lol

    Sea salt, celtic salt, Himalayan pink salt - anything other than the common table salt, which is just processed sodium cholride with no other minerals. Best to avoid. Here in France, I have a vaste choice of sea salt. And they Don't all taste the same! lol

  • Oh ok ur in France.. I bought some french salt here that is suppose to apparently be the top of the line in France...Sel Moulu - Sel de Guerande....but yes I have never cooked with salt!! I have used sugar and butter but not salt!! OMG ...can I helpmy adrenals to get up to speed if I start now??

  • Sel de Guérande is good.

    Yes, of course you can start supporting your adrenals now. Plenty of vit c and a good dose of salt. :)

  • OK!!! Vitamin C too - I have 1000mg that I could be taken but I don't - I have all these vitamins that you advised but I didn't take them...but now I will..and add salt! Now I just need to see how it all goes and get my Free T3 and Free T4 done and I will be in better position to tell you whats going on..thank you for taking the time to chat to me..if you think of anything else or want to see how I am - please send me a message...I am not familiar with how this site works - I am still figuring it all out...everyhting in life is complicated - nothing simple anymore

  • It's simple when you get used to it. Everything has to be learnt.

    By all means take the vitamin C - you can start with 1000 and work up a bit - it would appear it's a good thing to take it at night, just before bed, too. But Don't start on the other things before you've had them tested and know what you need and how much. Or, you will skew the results.

    And when starting supplementing, start one thing at a time, and leave a couple of weeks before the next. If you start them all at once, and something doesn't agree with you - which is always a possibility - you won't know which one it is and will have to start all over again. :)

  • I also bought some fine sea salt that just says ingredients are salt, anti caking agent and sodium Ferrocyanide??? IS THAT CYANIDE as in poision???? LORD

  • lol, it's not poison, but the anti-caking agent isn't very good, better to get the damp type of salt, that cakes. More difficult to sprinkle, but better for you. Especially for cooking, because it doesn't matter if it cakes. Or, get the Himalayan pick stuff, which is large dry crystals, and put it in a Pepper mill.

  • At one point in time my TSH was totally undetectable and they did nothing or said nothing to indicate there were any problems with my thyroid just said all is ok as long as I have no symptoms!!

  • I'm surprised they didn't say you were hyper! They love diasnosing hyper much more than hyper. But it must have been a Hashi's swing that caused that.

  • You did mean love diagnosing hyper than hypo? So would that make me overly sensitive and angry at the world and have swallowing problems and maybe they know that it is my thyroid causing my swallowing difficulty but they just leave me to figure it out and I sound crazy and more crazy blaming a chiropractor who was snapping my neck side to side and I was diagnosed with a fractured styloid process bone in my neck but maybe it is my thyroid all along and they are just telling me anything to keep me from demanding a surgery to help me with my swallow..I eat like a 2 yr old..all smashed foods and pureed only!!

  • None of that could have caused the Hashi's - and you do have Hashi's. And Hashi's causes inflammation. Your gland is inflammed due to the Hashi's. IMHO

    Although I Don't suppose a fractured styloid process bone did you any good, of course!

    Doctors aren't very good at joining up the dots and adding two and two to make four. It usualy comes out 2 1/2!

    And yes, being hypo could make you overly sensitive (most definatly!) and angry at the world. Also depressed, anxiuous, paranoid, agressive, forgetful, dyslexic, brain-fogged... The brain needs a hell of a lot of T3, so if you haven't got enough, it's going to cause all sorts of 'brain problems'.

    They are more likely to diagnose you if you have hyper blood results than if you have hypo blood results, because the range for hypo is so vaste. But even so, it's rather hit and miss. They just know nothing about thyroid.

  • and what kinda yogurt too

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